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Ace and London RoseWoods parent's died almost 17 years ago from a Rouge attack while she was just a few months old and he was eight.

She never got to properly meet her parent's. She never got a piggy back ride from her dad or got to bake a cake with her mom. She didn't get what most kids at a young age got. She didn't grow up having parent figures.

Her brother was like both her mom and dad. He cared for her. Read a book to her a night. He cuddled her when she couldn't sleep. He was always there to tell her everything was going to be alright when she needed it the most. He was her protector.

Their uncle Giovanni Martino took them in as soon as he found out about the tragic news. To young for her to understand. She was clueless to what was happening.

She was told all her life her parent's died in a tragic car accident. She was never told the truth to keep her safe.

Homeschooled ever since she was able to attend school, she never knew why, but she never asked because she was never going to get an answer just an "Its for the best London". Until she turned 17 her uncle finally accepted for her to go to an actual school. This was freedom for her to finally live a normal life like all the other teenagers in town. That day she arrived at school on her first day her brother had a big surprise waiting for her at the school parking lot. This one simple thing was going to change the entire way she saw the world.

Secrets have been kept from London all her life. She thinks she lives a normal life with her brother, uncle, aunt and cousin. In a happy human town where nothing bad ever happens. 

She doesn't know her family has kept secrets from her her whole life. She doesn't know her family are werewolves lead by the De Montellos, number one Wolf Pack there is to ever exist lead by two Strong Alphas. She doesn't know that she's the only human in the small secluded town she lives in and that the second most powerful Wolf Packs Alpha claimed her as his as soon as he found out about her.

Her life immediately changed after Lucky Declared his love for her and Stefan marked her. She knew there was no going back. She was mate to both the De Montello brothers and that would have a huge impact on her.

Was she ready for what was planned ahead of her?

(Pictures of the characters will be shown through out the story)

(Lucky De Montello- Age 18 when he left. Age 25 now 6'4)

(Stefan De Montello- Age 25 6'4)

(Ace RoseWood- Age 8 when his parent's died. Age 25 now 6'4)

(London RoseWood- 6 months old when both her parent's died. Age 17 now 5'5)

(Luca Martino- Age 25 6'3)

(Raelynn waters- Age 18 5'7)

(Cora Selick- Age 24 5'8)

(Johnson Costello- age 35 6'3)

(Giovanni Martino- Age 45 6'5)

(Francesca Martino- Age 43 5'6)

(Charlie De Montello- Age 50 6'5)

(Robin De Montello- Age 48 5'6)

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