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^Da beach house^

"Wow..." I whispered, walking into the amazing master bedroom,  Casper nodded with a smile, kissing the top of my head. Pax was out with Luke and Cash... I think Luke is starting to take a real attachment to my son... considering he asks to hang out with him all the time...

Not that I'm complaining. I love that boy but he's a handful.

Caleb ended up going home... I made him promise me that if he needed me he would call. He swore he would, I will hold him to that promise... but I do think it's good for him to go home and be with his boyfriend and family. People who make him feel loved and appreciated. Don't get me wrong, Caleb is one of my best friends of course I love him! But there's a difference between the loving touch of a boyfriend or a hug from a mother versus a hug from a friend. "I have a date planned..." Casper mumbled, pulling me as close to him as he could. "It's gonna be on the beach so we aren't that far away from the house." He smiled and I nodded, looking over at his soft features... I got up on my tip toes and kissed his cheek, he smiled down at me.

"Thank you." I whispered, he just kept smiling at me. "Anything for you." He muttered. "Now, the boys will watch Pax, once the luggage gets here text me so we can get dressed and go ok?" He asked taking my hands. I nodded, he kissed my cheek before disappearing out the door...

Am I letting him back into my life to quickly? I don't think so... he's changed... I can tell, the old Casper wouldn't be trying this hard to impress me... I laid down on the bed, taking out my phone. I had about 50 missed calls from Ash and I shook my head... he probably saw the news. I opened his contact, smiling to myself as he picked up immediately.

"GOD DAMN BOY! WHERE THE! HOW THE! FUCK ARE YOU OK?" He asked in urgency. I laughed a little.

"I'm fine, Casper and I were out when this happened, Pax is fine... Caleb though... he almost got raped... so did Luke, Cash was almost kidnapped...  Caleb's on his way home."

"Oh my god... I'll talk to him when he gets home... your ok though? And so is Pax?" He asked and I nodded, although he couldn't see me.

"Yeah, were fine. The boys are taking the week off to figure out a way to get tighter security and for Luke to recover." I said and he nodded. We talked a little longer, about random stuff. I told him I missed him, he missed me too.  He had to go so I bid him goodbye. Noticing that the suitcases were here. I grabbed mine and sent Casper a quick text. I hauled my suitcase over to the bed and picked out my simple outfit. I should probably shower... I took my clothes into the bathroom and stripped down to my boxers before adjusting the water, waiting for it to heat up. Once the water was warm enough I rid myself of my minimal clothing and stepped into the shower, smiling contently as the warm droplets hit my skin.
"Hey babe I'm coming in." Casper said as I heard the door open. "I'm not your babe." I said, smiling a little and taking the shampoo and lathering my hands in it. "But you could be." He muttered. under his breath and I rolled my eyes, beginning to lather up my hair in the coconut soap.

I mean... I could be, we are practically dating... we kiss and cuddled... are we unofficially dating? "You don't get seasick right?" Casper asked, breaking my moment of thought. "No." I replied, hearing the sink turn on. "Good." He replied. I finished up my shower around the same time as Casper left the bathroom. I stepped out of the shower and shivered as goosebumps ran across my arms when the cool air hit my skin. I grabbed the nearest towel, gasping slightly at its warmth... god he knows me so well. I basked in the warmth of the towel for a moment before walking into the bedroom. I changed into my clothes and fixed my hair in the mirror. When I left the bathroom, Casper was waiting for me... he looked... hot... you could see his tan abs under the thin white shirt, I liked my lips a little before looking up to meet his gaze... he didn't notice I was staring at his abs... because he was checking me out up and down...

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