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Y/n's POV :
You walked down the stairs with a smile on your face.

You walked to the kitchen and saw Kihyun standing by the counter, sipping on his morning cup of coffee.

"Kihyun!" Kihyun jumped at your sudden shout, almost dropping his cup of coffee.

"What the hell, Y/n?!--"

You cut him off as you suddenly hugged him, "Y/n?"

"I remember everything."

Kihyun's eyes widened at your sudden statement, "You're not joking, right?"

You shook your head, "I'm not."

His lips quickly formed into a wide grin, exposing his pearly and white teeth.

"We have to tell everyone."


You sat on one of the chairs of the café, a small smile on your lips as you waited for the person you were waiting for to arrive.

The bell on top of the door rung, indicating someone's arrival.

You turned to the direction of the sound, there he stood.


"Hi, Jihoon."

He sat down in front of you, "What is it?"

"I remember everything." You said, his eyes widened at your statement.

"Y-You what?"

You nodded, he grinned and hugged you.

You hugged him back, "But,"

"But what?"

"I'm sorry."

Jihoon looked at you, confused. As he continued to stare at you, he finally understood what you meant.

"I see,"

You could hear a him release a shallow breath, "I understand."

"Jihoon, I'm sorry."

"Y/n, it's fine. I want you to be happy, and if you're happy this way, I'll be glad to let you go."

You looked at him with pity, you held his hands in yours and continued to apologize.


You walked around the busy streets of Seoul, you still haven't told one person that you've regained your memories, it was Guanlin.

You continued to wander around the sidewalks, looking at different shops.

You noticed that there was a newly opened, small jewelry shop beside your favorite bookstore.

You went inside, admiring the beautiful pendants that shone whenever the light hits it.

Your eyes suddenly darted to a certain sapphire amulet, it was beautiful.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

Someone suddenly said beside you, you gasped and turned around.

There stood Guanlin, a small smile on his face. You blushed at the closeness of your faces, you could feel his cool breath fan over your lips.

"G-Guanlin." You stuttered out, turning completely red.

He chuckled at you and pulled away, "W-What are you doing here?"

He shrugged his shoulders, "I was just walking around then I saw you here, gawking at that necklace."

You hit his shoulder playfully, a teasing grin was on his lips.

"Do you want that?" Guanlin asked, you shook your head. "N-No! I was just looking at it. Plus, it's probably very expensive."

Guanlin stared at you before dragging you out of the store.

You were openly staring at him the whole time the two of you were walking, he finally noticed it and gave you a smirk.

"Handsome, aren't I?" You blushed and slapped his shoulder. "S-Shut up!"


You two sat on a bench, giggling at each others' jokes.

"Hey, Guanlin."


"Can I tell you something?"

"What is it?"

You played with your fingers, it became a habit whenever you felt nervous.

Guanlin continued to stare at you, slightly confused why you were playing with your fingers. "Y/n?"

"Guanlin, I love you."

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