Hi, I'm John and this is my story.

I've never really liked that saying 'Think first then speak' I'm more of a 'Act first then think' about it type of guy. 

People always take everything for granted. Ever noticed it? 

Do you know if we didn't have bees we wouldn't have any flowers? Everything has a cycle. Everything's done for a reason, Maybe for the good or bad. Everything has a purpose in this world, Even me with my bad attitude towards life.

It never got me anywhere but it just took one thing to break me. One thing that I couldn't live with, it broke me and then when I started to approach life differently, positively, I got a better outcome then I'd used to.

The sad thing is that we're all dying, Just some people are faster than most.The time on earth is Most precious and you should treasure it. 

The law of attraction is real. Think about it. You know when you really want something and you eventually get it, not immediatly but after a period of time, You'd get it.

So, This is my story, Something I haven't told anyone. This is my lesson in life.

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