Alex lucky day 😁

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Alex woke up and when to the kitchen to see if David was there but for his surprise David was sleeping in there  couch so he when running to his room because he didn't want David to see him. It was 12:00pm so Alex the living to check if David was there,David was still there so Alex say to him self I going to call David if he wake up he makes a run to his room if he doesn't wake up he will try to smell David feet's,Alex call David three time and David didn't respond so Alex say this is my lucky day.He get close to David feet and stared to smell then Alex was in his head I can believe the am actually doing this, Alex takes off his shorts and started to masturbating.Alex took off David sock and stared to suck David toes when he finished masturbating he left to his room,when Alex enter his room he heard David waking up and he say in his head wow I was really lucky.                                

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