Chapter 2 - Lines

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We all have to pick our battles. It's no lie. You just have to draw a line in the sand and stay firm.



I pulled out my light blue scarf, I remembered when Ezio used this thing to cover up my gash. I always kept it with me, it was my sister's before she was married off. I never heard from her again. I hope she's happy though. 

The scarf used to be really dark blue, but over the years, the color drained out. It was a rich piece of cloth, people wanted to buy it from me, but it reminded me of my sister, so I would never.

I tie the scarf around my neck, now in my new templar outfit, I used the scarf to cover my mouth and the bottom part of my face like a mask.

I smile, looking into the mirror. It's time to head out to my cousin's... I haven't seen them in years, to be honest...

"(Y/N)!" I heard a whisper. Ezio.

I run to the window, covering my templar outfit with the curtain, "Ezio! What is so important?"

he blushes, believing I was getting dressed. I hid my body behind the curtain so he wouldn't see and wouldn't come in. 

He looked away and leaned against the window sill looking away, "I am about to leave..." he sighed.


"Just anywhere, maybe I will find some family? like an uncle?" he sighed. 

"I'm going to my cousins for a few months too, see you later, Ezio." I sighed, he nodded and left.

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