❧ Chapter Nine: No Escape: Part one ❧ Undergoing Revisions

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"Aetae, spirit of the wind I invoke of you grant your aid once more." Even if they were able to see him-unlikely-everyone was too busy at the moment to notice.

He was slow to come. He closed his eyes tight wrapping cold hands over hers. "The dark ones make war-they take our energy. I must hurry back."

He granted speed again, but it lacked the usual energy boost that came with.

"You'll tire immediately instead of after, this is all I have left-don't waste it." Aetae spiraled through the floor as if pulled in.

This was wrong, all wrong.

"Back off." Han bared his little fangs and hissed. He ran behind one of the larger containers hacking at a large cable that curved around alongside it. The thick pink liquid gushed out spilling onto the floor.

"Stop doing that, you overgrown pincushion!" Kar yelled obscenities most only heard in shady taverns. Kar twisted the base of his staff, it hummed drawing the threads out faster.

Parcival moaned trying to push Kar away.

She streaked over, pulled a dagger out pressing it on his cheek.

Kar didn't even flinch. "I'm done being nice. Wonder why the elders haven't sent any messages? Who do you think stopped them? That's right. They leave now or I'll carry them out in a bag."

"You moldy leaf-sucker." Trying not to shake while withdrawing it, she then rammed it back in the sheath. He didn't. He couldn't.

He watched her.

Have to do something-one thing at a time.

"Then put him down." Come on, Han run. The spell took its tool and her arm became heavy, as did her head. The spell faded away. Not now!

A flash of awareness flashed across Kar's face. He grinned. Retreating, he let go of Parcival and came up behind her. "That was a bad move," he whispered.

Parcival stumbled before catching himself from falling. His expression was unfocused.

Han was across the room hacking away at a cable.

His fingers crept up at the back of her neck, then he squeezed. "How cruel of you to drag them into this, could you live with them dying too?"

Lurching as she spun around, her eyes squeezed shut. "No."

Off to the side Han crept around the containers. His eyes were wide and his fur slick against his body. He crept low, avoiding eye contact.

Parcival collapsed, his skin gray as dusty steel. His eyes closed, and his breathing slowed.

Han stopped the attack on the cable and scooted over to Parcival. "I'll take him." He snarled. "It was stupid to agree to come without knowing you more."

"You're right, go." Unable to look him in the eyes, she played with a boot tie.

She peeked to the side a bit.

Kar played with his fingers while watching them. "I have shown restraint, more than you deserve." Kar's voice carried an edge with it. A vein on his neck and forehead pulsated in time with his short bursts of breath coming through such a full smile; if you could call it that.

Parcival shot up, lost his balance and crashed down.

"Crawl out. I don't care how you go."

Han in silence pulled Parcival by an arm, dragging him out the exit.

Footsteps behind her, Kar came into view. "I do regret doing this, but what you have in here." He tapped her head. "Is needed."

Standing, he held his arm out toward the south end of the room. The door was as gray as the walls and its outline faint. "Follow. It's time we talked, yes? Trying to kill you as you are is pointless."

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