Chapter 23

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Chapter 23




"I..I want more…I want you," I told Nico as my heart raced.  He hovered over me and all I could think about was him touching me, every part of him touching every part of me and that's all I wanted at that moment.  My hands were still cuffed to the bed and I unconsciously pulled on them wanting to run my hands over his broad shoulders and powerful chest.  I whimpered in frustration at not being able to touch him.

Everything he had done so far just made me more needy for him, "green, green, green, green…" I whispered closing my eyes and shaking my head from side to side out of frustration.

"Shhhh….pet," he murmured cupping my cheek in his hand.  I looked up and saw a small smile on his face before he leaned down and captured my lips in another mind blowing kiss.  His tongue was forceful as it explored my mouth and he kept his hand on my head holding it in place.  I savored every second and couldn't help but moan once again at the pleasure he gave me so easily.

Nico leaned down slightly so his bare chest was touching mine and I arched my back to increase the contact.  Every bit of skin touching his was highly sensitized and made my body burn with an increasing desire.  When he broke the kiss I caught my breath as his lips moved down to my neck sucking greedily on the sensitive skin there.  I pulled again at my restraints, it was like torture not being able to touch Nico.  I lifted my hips so I could rub against him and he reacted by grinding back into me.  I could feel that he was hard and it just made me strain into him even more ardently as my own cock was once again filling.  My hormones always went nuts whenever he was this close and my desire was like a growing force in the pit of my stomach.

"Nico…" I mewled desperately.  I felt him stiffen before I realized my mistake.  "I'm sorry, Master," I breathed sadly and deflated back into the mattress.  I didn't truly understand why I couldn't call him by his name and I have to admit, sometimes it bothered me.  It made me feel…less.

But I reminded myself that it was what Nico wanted…and I wanted Nico, so I would do it for him.  I would do whatever he wanted so that I could stay with him.

"It's okay pet," he muttered without emotion and for a moment I thought he was going to get up and leave me. He had pulled back ever so slightly and his hips moved as if he was going to get up.

"Master, please, I need you!" I cried desperately.  If he left me now, I knew I would lose it.  I began to kick and pull at my restraints, panic began to engulf me and my breathing became ragged.  He quickly leaned back down encircling me in his calm, warm body.

"It's okay Finn, just relax.  I'm right here, I'm not going anywhere."  He began covering my face with gentle kisses and I relaxed against him, slowing my breaths.  "Better?"

"Yes, Master, I'm sorry…I thought you were going to leave me."

"I'm not going to leave you, baby, don't worry about that," he said softly

He reached down and unlatched the ankle cuffs, rubbing any soreness or stiffness out before moving to the next one and then did the same with each wrist with a tenderness that perplexed me.  When he finished I tentatively placed my hands on his shoulders and let my fingers glide over his firm musculature.  I looked up at him for permission and he nodded, so I continued running my hands over his biceps and then onto his chest and exploring down to his rippled abs.  Now my breathing picked up again, but for an entirely different reason.  I leaned up and placed my lips on Nico's collarbone, running my tongue along until I reached the front of his neck where I placed a gentle kiss.  I heard him moan so I sucked softly at the tender spot.  When he placed a hand under my head holding me up I took that as a free pass to continue my oral exploration and I kissed and nipped my way down until I reached one of his nipples.

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