The Boys' Promise

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~Flashback~ 10 years earlier:

"W-Wait!" Yuno called as he tried to catch up with his friends, but he tripped instead. [Y/n] and Asta rushed to him.

"Yuno, are you okay?!" Asta asked as tears filled Yuno's eyes. "Come on, Yuno." Asta said and help him up. "Jeez. You're such a crybaby, Yuno." Asta said.

"There's nothing wrong with being a crybaby, Asta. Yuno, it's okay. Asta and I are here for you." [Y/n] said, adorably, and smiled.

Yuno wiped his tears. "Yeah." He said and smiled.

"Come on, Sister is waiting for us." [Y/n] said and grabbed both Asta's and Yuno's hands. The three children made it to the top of the hill where they had a picnic.

"It's good,'s hard." Yuno whined, and [Y/n] nodded.

"That's our Sister Lily. You're such an amazing cook! When I grow up, will you marry me and cook for me?" Asta asked.

"It was Father who baked those, Would you like to marry him?" Sister Lily questioned. Asta went pale. "No! How about you [Y/n]-chan? Will you marry me?" Asta asked while leaning close to [Y/n], causing her to blush.

"A-Asta, I can't." [Y/n] said and he threw a fit. "Marry me! Marry me! Merry me!" He yelled, and Sister Lily pulled out her grimoire then Asta was quiet.

"Asta, it's not possible. Sister is, um...a woman of the cloth. And [Y/n]'s too young." Yuno said.

"I'm not done yet, Yuno! I won't give up until I'm an adult, no matter what! I will marry, [Y/n] and Sister Lily!" Asta yelled, and Yuno got a bit jealous. "You can't marry both of them!" Yuno yelled. "Why not?!" Asta yelled. "You can only have one, and you can't have [Y/n] because I'm going to marry her." Yuno said as he blushed.


"And then the world was covered in deep, deep darkness. Just then the demon tried to destroy the world..." Sister Lily read as [Y/n] covered her eyes. She never liked the Demon in the book, it always scares her.

"He's not gonna get away with that!" Asta growled, and Sister Lily turned the page. "...a very brave mage appeared. The brave mage fought the demon to bring dawn back to to the world. And finally, he defeated the demon. The mage's light shone ever so brightly upon the world. The long, long night came to an end. this was the dawn of our world." She continued to read, and [Y/n] peeked from behind her fingers.

"Yes!" Asta cheered.

"And so, the mage was dubbed the Wizard King and became a legend." Lily finished the book.

"The Wizard King?" Yuno muttered.

"Amazing...he must have been really strong." [Y/n] muttered while staring in awe.

"The Wizard King still exists, right?" Asta asked.

"Yes. The title of 'Wizard King' has been passed down through many generations. All along, they've been protecting us with their magic. It is because of the Wizard King that Clover Kingdom is so peaceful." Sister Lily explained.

"That's awesome!" Asta cheered.

"Is the Wizard King really important?" Yuno asked.

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