Game Of Fowls

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Suggestive themes I think, I don't know yet? But beware your little virgin eyes, maybe?

Imagine getting drunk on New Year's Eve with Artemis

"Happy Neeewww Yearsh, Artemis!" YN slurred out and slung her arms around the boy. 

The smell of alcohol clung the YN, making Artemis wrinkle his nose in slight disgust. Pulling away he put both hands on her shoulders, looking at her sternly. "You're drunk."

The girl smirked, "And you're handsome. Say let me see what you got under that nice suit, huh?" YN pushed herself against him, wiggling her eyebrows in a flirtatious way in order to get the meaning across.  

A blush crept along the raven-haired boy's face, "Huh?" 

YN pushed herself closer and whispered in his ear, "Wanna make some pancakes with me if you know what I mean?" 

"YN, I believe-" Before he could finish, the girl leaned over and let out all of the contents of her stomach all over Artemis's expensive leather shoes. 

Looking up with a cheeky smile, the girl said, "Whoops! Happy New Yearsh!"

Imagine Being in the Game of Thrones with Artemis 

"You need to help us with this!" YN screamed as she rounded the table to walk closer to Artemis, who sat at the head of the other end. He appeared calm with nothing out of place, and not in the least bit irritated. "these-these things will kill us all, Your Grace."

"Why should I help you when I hardly know your intentions?" He asked calmly. 

The girl sighed and pulled out a chair to sit, "I am Queen YN LN of house LN, Queen of the North, I protect the walls- My people protect the walls against your greatest fears. In the least, you could help us defeat the army of the dead."

Artemis stared at her, staring into the young woman's e/c eyes that held such passion and determination that it was practically glowing. "And the war against Opal in the capital? What shall I do with that, let them take what I've conquered while I go and play in somebody else's war?"

YN clicked her tongue and scooped up the King's hands into her's, "We fight alongside one another, we attempt to make a truce. What good is a throne if we all die?"

"How do you suppose we make a truce? Offer up our heads after we've won, or would we do that before and let Opal take the reins of this supposed rise of the dead war?" Artemis was starting to get on the girl's nerves, but she sucked in a breath and kept her cool. 

"We give her the only thing she really wants," YN said. 

The young King leaned forward, "And that would be?"

"Her life."

"Her life?"

YN nodded and let go of the King's cold hands. "Yes, we defend the army ourselves and if we survive long enough, we'll lead the army of the dead directly to her door."

Squeezing his palm to feel the little warmth that YN gave off, Artemis leaned back in his chair in thought. His eyebrows knitted together and his lips thinned into a hard line. "Very well," He said after a moment. "But Opal will ask you to bend the knee to her, and don't want to lose you. So I have something to propose."

"What is it?"

"Marry me."

Imagine Waking Up in Artemis's Bed (Wink Wonk, it's whatchu thinkin')

YN groaned and rolled over, slapping her arm on the naked back of her boyfriend. There was a quiet yelp and a grumble of a curse from the young man. Though, the h/c girl didn't care as she buried her face into the side of his arm, taking in the scent of the cherry blossom soap she had given him. Her fingertips ran along the curve of his back, feeling the light scratch marks from last nights festivities. 

"If you're going to leave more scratches, don't," Artemis mumbled as he took a hand and ran it along her h/c locks. It was rare for him to this affectionate, but when he was she made sure to cherish every moment. 

YN snickered and laid her bare body on his back, laughing lightly. "Fine, then I'll just lay on you!"

"Like that had any correlation with you scratching me!" He yelled from under her. 

"Hey, Artemis-" The two turned to see Juliet followed by Butler and the twins walking through the bedroom door. They all stopped short and stared at one another, awkwardly comprehending the situation that had just occurred. 

"They're making babies!" Beckett yelled and turned to his twin brother. "We're gonna be uncles!"

"Hey, we used pro-" A hand slapped over YN's mouth before she could go any further with her statement. 

"Out!" Artemis early yelled at the four and they scurried out. Though, the faint demand of twenty dollars made by Juliet could be heard as the door closed. 

YN let out an airy laugh and touched noses with her boyfriend, "The last one dressed is a rotten egg!" 

Imagine Breaking Artemis's Heart

Artemis looked at the little diamond necklace that was entangled around his hand. It's heart-shaped outer shell shined in the lamplight that he had been stuck under for days on end. Inscribed on the back was a name written in beautiful cursive letters that spelled out YN, the name of the girl who had worn it so many times before. 

Artemis could remember the day he gave it to her, a birthday present that would be worn until she took her last breath. He could see YN so happy in it, always laughing and smiling, it was the only bright thing he could really remember. Sighing, he gently placed the necklace down as if it would break the soul of the girl who once wore it. 

"YN," He spoke quietly to himself. "Did you ever know that you would break my heart? Heh, did you even know my heart could break?"

Artemis sighed once again and put his head in his hand in thought. Quietly, Butler then did enter, wearing a grim expression just as his master had been the past few days. 

"Artemis," He said from the doorway. "We need to go, the funeral will be starting in an hour."

Getting up from his chair, Artemis took once last glance at the little necklace, and, for a second, he saw YN's smiled reflected in the glimmer of light. 


Surprise guys, I'm not dead!

As you can tell I may or may not be in the Game of Thrones fandom now, I just got the first book in the series and I am PUMPED. Sansa is my favorite character and that's kind of what I was trying to do in GOT AU, like with Daenerys and Jon Snow relationship (spoiler?) but with Sansa's character type. 

Anywho, that's about it and here is your update, hot and ready for you to read. I hope you enjoy!

Love you all


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