Blackout- Pooflan

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Rob's P.O.V.

I scrabbled around in the dark, hoping to find either my phone or my flashlight, both of which had been sitting on the bedside table the night before. My hand found my phone first and I turned on the light, turning it towards the door.

The power was off and I knew at once I would have to go and find the other boys, both who really hated the dark and more often than not slept with some sort of light on. I had grown used to it, in the summer the natural light seeping through the curtains was enough but in the winter we used a little nightlight out in the hallway.

With my flashlight on I stumbled down the hallway and over to the recording offices, where I knew both boys would be. I opened Preston's door first and shined the light over to the computer only to see Preston frozen in his seat, his knuckles white from clutching at the seat.

I rushed over to him and wrapped my arms around him in a hug, allowing him to slowly unfreeze with my touch. He leaned his head into my shoulder and I clutched at his hand, whispering to him.

"Come on, it's okay, I'm here." His head slowly raised and in the dark I saw his brown eyes glowing with a little bit of fear.

"Where's Lachy?" His voice didn't raise above a whisper and I could tell he was still unsettled, with the way his voice rose and fell.

"I don't know, come on we'll go get him now." I took his hand and shined the light out in front of us, making sure to keep Preston close to me so he wouldn't bump into anything.

We continued down the hallway to Lachlan's recording room and I pushed open the door, shining the light in again. I saw Lachlan's form at once, curled over in his chair and his arms wrapped around his knees.

Even from where we were standing in the doorway I could see that he was shaking, the entire chair trembling slightly in the dim light.

"Lachy?" He raised his head and as soon as he saw Preston and I he reached out his arms for a hug. Preston rushed over first and wrapped his arms around Lachlan before I followed, placing the light on the table so it bathed everyone in the white light and gave us some sort of way to see each other.

I wrapped my arms around the both of them and I felt both of them placed their heads on my chest, seeking comfort. I could feel both boys clinging to each other and trying to get as close to me as possible at the same time, wriggling around so they were basically intertwined and I couldn't tell whose arms and legs were whose.

I adjusted myself so I was in a more comfortable position and could support both Preston and Lachlan, who were almost completely relying on me to stay upright. I was waiting for the power to come back on, although I didn't know whether that would take minutes or hours.

I could feel both boys slumping against me, possibly falling asleep or just resting, I couldn't tell.

"Do you want to go to bed?" It was late, maybe 3 or 4 in the morning and both boys had orignally been pulling all-nighters to record because they needed extra videos while they were travelling.

Lachlan nodded his head, I could just see it because Preston was resting his own head on top of it. Preston didn't move, just shuffled into me a little bit more. I ran my hand through his hair, trying to draw his attention to me.

"Pressy?" He still didn't move and I leaned down, noticing at once that he did have his eyes open. "I know you're awake, I'll keep the light on okay." Only then did he raise his eyes to look at me, his hand scrabbling to find mine.

I started to tug on Preston's hand and he got the message, using the desk to stand up. Lachlan on the other hand didn't seem to notice, he stayed exactly where he was and even from where I was sitting I could see that his eyes were firmly closed, his lashes sticking together.

I sighed but also smiled, knowing very well that he would be difficult to wake up. Preston was still holding onto one of my hands and once he saw Lachlan wasn't moving he crouched down and gently shook his shoulder. Lachlan stirred, a little bit, and I saw his eyes flicker for a few seconds before closing again and his entire body relaxed into me.

I nuzzled my face in his hair and Preston huffed, crawling around Lachlan so he was resting his head on Lachlan's stomach, wrapping his legs around so they were behind me. Preston reached out his hand once again, clinging to mine and settling himself down in a comfortable position with his eyes looking up at me.

I lay down, my head lying right next to Lachlan's and my legs intertwined in Preston's. It wasn't the most comfortable place to sleep or just be in general but it was nice to have both boys with me, as quite often we found ourselves on complete opposite sleep schedules and sleeping at opposite ends of the day.


I could hear hushed talking beside me, two voices trying not to speak loudly but at the same trying to get each other to hear each other. I stirred, my body stiff from lying on the hard floor for so long and my neck was strained from leaning on my arm. I listened for a few seconds.

"You okay?" There was a hum and I worked out that Preston was the one that was talking. "The power's still off."

"I know. I don't like it." There was a fair amount of shuffling and I felt the warmth that was Lachlan move away from me. I heard a tiny sigh of content and a tiny, tiny giggle before I heard the familar sound of a hand running through someones hair, I assumed Lachlan's because it was a lot longer than Preston's.

I shifted again, attempting to stretch my arms out only to hit someone in the back with my fist. Whoever I hit groaned and I heard a muted whisper before someone flopped over me and nuzzled their face into my own, placing soft kisses all the way up my neck to my forehead.

I rolled over, knocking whoever was on me off and I opened my eyes to the brunette boy, otherwise known as Preston. In the very dim light I could see his grin, moving forward to kiss my nose gently and then attempting to bury himself underneath me, his head shoved underneath my arm.

Behind me I heard a slight whimper of distress and I turned around only to see Lachlan reaching out blindly, his eyes not adjusted to the dark. I suddenly realized that the light on my phone had gone out, meaning my phone had to have died and I didn't have any way to charge it.

"Lachy? I'm over here, it's okay." I felt around for his hands and took them, pulling him closer so he wasn't out on his own. He moved so he was resting on the opposite side of Preston, his head right next to me and his legs wrapped around mine, trapping Preston inbetween us. Preston huffed when he realised he couldn't move but settled down again, closing his eyes.

There was a shriek as a white light blinded us and I knew at once that the power had come back on, unexpectedly and unpleasantly surprising us. I heard a groan from Lachlan, who had shrieked, and I knew at once that he had been looking at the lights when they had turned on.

"You okay?" He nodded but I could feel him shaking in a little bit of shock. Below us, Preston groaned and shifted his head so he could see a tiny sliver of light, squirming.

"I think we should probably go back to working now, we've been doing nothing for ages." There was a groan.

"Well I'm sore now, so don't expect me to do anything." Lachlan mumbled something under his breath.


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