How my life is(Prologue)

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What is the use of having a heart if my feelings and emotions are  never meant to be valued. All that matters is my body.

I looked healthy, fit and fine from outside but only I knew I was burning from inside. The animals in human faces locked me up in a small cage the complete day and during night they let me free to serve my body and entertain the so called civilised humans. If they are the civilised ones than I rather would prefer living my life as an uncivilised animal. To the so called society I am termed as a 'Prostitute'. I am the bad one but the demons who took all that I had in me are the so called respected ones. Every night I am tossed in the beds of strangers. They physically harass me. They treat me as if I am just a material that entertains  them. I am mentally and physically tortured. I am living a lifeless life with no one around to listen to me except for these four walls.

It's been ages since I  last viewed the sunlight and sensed it's warmth. I have forgotten the taste of liberal air for I only breathe smoke inside here.

In simple words my life is a living hell. I no longer have  the hope that I will ever get out of these place. I no longer wish to live. I even tried cutting my nerves with a blade but somehow I didn't find it precise. Now I am just waiting for the death to knock my door.

Sometimes I just wish I could turn back the clock and change the decision that I took two year ago. I just wish and all I can do is to wish.

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