The A-team 1982 Fan Fic:

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"I ain't gettin on no plane!" B.A. protested, raising a fist littered with rings upwards in a threatening manner.  

"Now, now B.A.," the suave and smooth talking con-artist of the group, soothingly cooed.

"Don't you now me! I ain't gettin on NO PLANE!" The muscular man groweled. 

"Look B.A., You and I can share a seat and we can swap stories," Murdock started, wrapping a friendly arm around the rather grumpy African American with a Mohawk and an attitude.

"What you doin fool?!" B.A. growled lowly, eyeing Murdock with a death-will-soon-come-a-calling if you don't unhand me soon look.  

Murdock quickly resigned from his stance, offering a peaceful surrender, and quickly put some distance between him and the angry bear of a teammate. 

"B.A., do you want to help the kids who are being starved by a scuzz bucket?" Hannibal questioned, shifting a fresh cigar into the corner of his mouth with an almost refined casualty.

"HEY Man, you know I do! I'm gonna make the man pay," B.A. stated, leaving no question that he would feed the guy a knuckle sandwich for breakfast.

"Well, we have to get to Pittsburgh somehow. If we don't go by plan, we are going to have to drive through Decker infested territory," Hannibal warned, folding his arms over his chest.

Decker territory wasn't any more favorable than swimming in a pool of hungry sharks. 

B.A. let out a frustrated huff and he growl, "we gonna drive! I ain't getting on no plane!"

Faceman sighed, adjusting his carefully placed tie, and he mumbled, "great. Just great. At least someone will be happy getting us all put in the brig!" 

"Ah, cheer up Face," Hannibal started, flashing the the younger team member with a hallmark grin.

"He'll never even notice our van driving right through his boasted barricades," he continued, patting Face's shoulder.

"You... you... really don't believe that, do you?" Face asked nervously, as usual he tried to ignore the uneasy feeling rushing through his veins. 

"No, but it sounds good," Hannibal remarked with a taunting laugh.

Childishly Face stomped his foot and moped, "why do I even bother? Huh! Tell me, why I even bother!" 

"Come on Faceman. Billy and I will protect you," Murdock remarked opening the sliding door to grant them access to their seats. 

B.A. settled happily behind the wheel and he snickered, "looks like we gonna drive, so I'm goin ta set the ground rules.  " NO WHINING, NO INVISIBLE DOGS, NO CRAZY TALK, and NO SMOKING" he commanded starting up the van's engine. 

((Possibly to be continued)) 

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