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Micah Wojciechowski is a bad boy

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Micah Wojciechowski is a bad boy.

He's just bad. At everything. He has the attention span of a gnat and the skills to match: he can't cook to save his life; he can't spell his own name, and he can't even feed the ducks without being attacked. Everything he puts his hand to is a disaster. At best, he embarrasses himself. At worst . . . well, he misses having ten fingertips. The only thing he's good at is making his best friend laugh.

Sophie Langley is good at everything she tries. A musical virtuoso with straight As and a quick wit, nothing stands in her way. Except Micah. He may be one of her best friends, but he's a liability. After yet another set of awful grades, she offers to tutor him over the summer, but Micah's not interested in that. It's too late for his grades: it's every other aspect of his life that needs Sophie's attention.

And she's up for the challenge.

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i first posted TTBB back in march, when I wrote 26 chapters in a haze and then when i went travelling, the story fell by the wayside. i recently unpublished it, but have since decided that as i'll continue it someday, i might as well leave it up - and with a brand new cover! i hope you like the sound of it - it's supposed to be a bit of a piss-take on the bad boy trope

p.s. micah's last name is pronounced voe-ch-hov-ski

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