You W/ Your Crush/ Guy Friend

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Okay, close your eyes and imagine the following: your sitting, say, at a award ceremony wedged between two friends that are guys. The rows in front and back of you are your friends or random girls. Your between your crush and the other guy is just a random guy. Your just casually talkin' to your crush, when all of a sudden this random snobby girl whom takes several selfies leans over and says really loud "HEY ARE Y'ALL TOGETHER?!" You then proceed to deny everything with him denying everything too. It all ends in an awkward mess with her giving you this stupid look...

TRUE STORY. Quite literally, this happened. This is why I hate girls (even if I AM one. But still), and snobs. I mean, is it ILLEGAL to have a friend who just so happens to be a Guy? No? okay. That's what I thought


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