Chapter 5

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                Hey guys!!!! I’m going to be updating a new chapter!!! Yay!!! And to the people of Boston Massachusetts and New York City, I just visited your states and they were beautiful!!!!! My vacation gave me knew ideas while I was away and I wanted to thank you guys for the beautiful cities and new ideas!!!!!  Thanks guys, and Enjoy!!! I don’t own Twilight S.M. Does. Enjoy!!!!

EJ pov

                “What do you mean he’s real?” I asked as I felt my throat grow dry, Dad nodded and walked over to me as he took the book from my hands his eyes hardened.

                “Follow me” he whispered and went up the steps, I followed behind him until we entered my grandfathers study.  An oak desk sat in the center of the room with a chair behind it, there were different books scattered about and hundreds of pictures covered the walls. My dad walked up to one and ushered me closer, I looked at the picture and seen my grandpa standing next to three other men. Judging by the clothing and the hair styles it was painted during the Victorian era. “That man” he said and pointed to the one that I have know and gotten gifts from for my entire life, the person that I trusted most was real………………

Edward pov

                I pointed at the picture and watched EJ’s face as he slowly connected everything, he looked back up at the picture and suddenly his eyes rolled into the back of his head. I shot out and grabbed him before he could hit the floor, Carlisle rushed over and started checking him over to see if he was alright.

                “This makes no sense” Esme whispered as she looked at the portrait, “Why did Aro watch after EJ?” I shook my head in wonder as Carlisle and I moved EJ back to his bedroom. (Did you guys catch who EJ’s imaginary friend was?!?)  As I laid him down I realized how young he actually looked, and how much of his life I had missed out on. I kissed his forehead and stood up to leave, EJ made a noise and I noticed that he spoke in his sleep…just like his mother.

                I walked down the hall and back into Carlisle’s study where the rest of the family was still standing and looking at the painting. We were all confused at what Aro was doing with being around EJ all the time growing up. I heard Alice think of the boxes of stuff the orphanage gave us, things like pictures and drawings from when he was little. ( Why do you think Aro was around EJ so much as a child and still is?!?)

                “We can look” I said, Alice nodded and grabbed the boxes out of the closet that we put in there for the time being. We all sat down as Alice each gave us a stack to look through, I flipped though mine and seen him laughing and playing with other children. But then I saw him standing all alone by the woods, still smiling but…alone. I looked closer and made out the dark figure that hid in the cover of the shade. I sucked in a shocked breath and kept flipping through the pictures; every picture had Aro somewhere in it. Where ever EJ was Aro was, looking and watching. But for what?

                I stopped looking through the pictures when EJ’s dreams filled my head, no matter how hard I resisted I couldn’t escape his dreams.

                EJ was running from the door that lead out from the orphanage, other children were out playing but EJ kept running. Wanting to be by himself, he ran to the woods and looked around for any sign of anyone before entering. He stopped by a tree and waited quietly and patiently, EJ pulled out a small sandwich and started eating pieces of it. The tree branch from above swayed and then suddenly Aro was standing before him. Instead of running away screaming like any normal child would he just smiled up at the vampire, Aro smiled back and sat down cross legged from him.

                “You didn’t show last time” EJ said and continued eating his sandwich. Aro nodded and let out a small sigh.

                “I’m sorry, I’ve been rather busy and I will have to go back to Italy soon” EJ nodded with a sad smile.

                “You’ll visit right?” he asked, Aro laughed and nodded at the silly question.

                “Of course I will, and EJ” Aro said and pulled out a neatly wrapped package. “Happy birthday”

                The dream cut off as EJ fell into a deeper sleep, the real question is what Aro wants. And the answer might lie in EJ’s dreams

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