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Mr. & Mrs. Bae were having a serious talk with each other while their children, Irene and Jimin, both of them were bored sitting together as they knew no one expect each other.

"Jhagiya. Please do something. Our daughter isn't sparing a glance to him.  Do something. This is the only chance we have", Mrs. Bae being all tensed tried to pursue her husband.

Mr. Bae went into a deep thought. He looked at his daughter and sighed,"Wait. Let me do something", He walked away to somewhere else while Mrs. Bae looked tensed and hoped everything would go according to their plan. 


                       Chapter: 10

             "Cheeks flushed Red"


Irene's POV

I knew that I would be bored today, but didn't know that I would be this bored. Even my cellphone was running out of charge. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

Beside me was my annoying brother Jimin, giving me a playful smirk. I eyed him,"What?", I raised my brow.

He shifted his butt a bit towards my side and brought his face near my ear," There is someone enjoying your visuals continuously", Jimin informed me.

I started getting goosebumps around my body. I remember Jiwoon staring at me before. I thought this might me him again but when I looked at my left side, I saw that weird guy from before looking at me without a blink. This time he didn't cover his face. He looked directly into my eyes.

His dark gaze made me to gulp unintentionally.

"I guess he likes you", Jimin poked me.

I removed his hands,"Shut up Jimin".

"I ain't lying sister. Don't you remember how shy he was before. He was literally covering his face", Jimin gave a slight chuckle,"Beware", He came near me, whispering into my ear.

I suddenly got a very weird feeling. I instantly got up from my seat and walked away. Suddenly, I felt someone following me. The footsteps were clearly audible to me, which was literally creeping the hell out of me.

'Is it that guy?'

I pressed my eyes tightly, molded my hand into fist and turned around to face the person, "WHY ARE YO--"

I instantly covered my mouth as soon as I faced the person. It wasn't that weird guy but his brother, Seokjin.

He instantly bowed down,"Sorry if I startled you", He scratched the back of his nape, awkwardly.

I chuckled and shook my head, "Ah! I am sorry for suddenly shouting at you. I thought you are someone else".

He smiled, "Actually we are going to have a dance round right now between all the young generation present here. I came to request if you would like to join us".

'Dance? This is what I wanted. Atleast I won't be bored anymore'

"Sure Seokjin. I would love to"

Seokjin blushed,'She called me by my name', He thought.

"Yeah! Let's go".


"So guys and girls. I hope you guys already understand how this dance round is actually gonna happen. There will be exchange within the partners every thirty seconds till the music gets over. Our camera man will recording you and clicking you. The best couple will get special rewards secretly within few days".

'Secret reward? What does that mean?' 

"So, Ladies & Gentlemen, Kindly make a circle and let's start the fun".

I fiddled with my finger and awkwardly bowed to the guy in front of me. He was a very good looking guy, but younger than me. He actually reminded me of Jimin. I internally chuckled with the thought. The guy in front of me eyed me but to clear his misunderstanding I quickly added,"Don't take me wrong. It's just that this dance thing is really, umm, I don't know what to say", I laughed and the guy followed me.

Soon then the music started playing. We both got near each other, with my one hand on his shoulder and another one holding his hand. He was young, but I still found him charming as a man. For thirty minutes we just kept smiling at each other without uttering a single syllable.

When thirty seconds was over, He spinned me to another guy. Fortunately, The guy was Seokjin. He held my waist and hand, as we started dancing according to the music.

"I hope you are enjoying now". I gave him a peculiar look,"How did you know that I was bored? Stalking hah?", I jokingly asked him. He cutely shook his head. Just when he was going to say something to me, the seconds we had got over. He had to pass me to another guy now.

The process continued in the same way for several seconds. To be honest, I enjoyed this idea, until I faced that weird guy in front of me.

I cleared my throat as he placed his hand on my waist. I awkwardly raised my hand and placed above his. He suddenly pulled me towards him causing me to blink thrice with utter disbelief.

'What the hell you think you're doing!?!"

I questioned him internally without uttering anything in real. He suddenly gave a slight chuckle, but didn't say anything to me. I rolled my eyes at him and that was when he suddenly grabbed me by my waist making my body rise a little bit from the ground.

I was able to hear people gasping and hooting over for us which made my cheeks flush red because of the amount of embarrassment. He placed me down slowly and my feet touched the ground.

The music stopped,"Well done people". People started applauding. I glared the guy in front of me with my fist ready to punch his smirk plastered face.

But I considered ignoring him. Until I heard something which made me to stop on my track.

I wasn't able to breathe. Did I hear him correct? Did he really say that?

I quickly turned around to face him, but when I did. He was no more there. He got vanished like a spark of lightening.

'What just happened right now?'

'Who was he?'



Hey people! Did you just hear Red Velvet's new song 'Bad Boy?'. It just had my mind blown away seriously. The amount of visuals I came across in this MV .. Oh my god! *-*

They are literally amazing, and Seulgi, Oh my god, Bad Boy is seriously her era.

Love 💕

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