Growing Up Famous. The life of Faith Styles. Chapter 1.

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"Is that Faith Styles! AHHHH! Faith!"

"I love your parents Faith!"

"SHUT UP! I'm not famous! Leave me alone!"

Yeah this is my life. Everyday I get mobbed by people at my own school. I'm Faith Styles. 16. You probably know my parents. Harry and Samantha Styles. My dad was in a band when he was my age. One Direction. And my mom was a singer too. The two of them made millions. So now I'm stuck growing up in the spotlight.

"Damn Faith. You could be a little nicer!" my twin sister, Hope, yelled.

"I'm not like you Hope. I don't enjoy fans following us everywhere."

"Whatever. Let's get to class."

We walked into English class and took our seats next to our best friends.

Arabella Malik. Zayn and Hayley Malik's daughter. Yes Zayn was in the band too.

And Dominic Horan. Ana and Niall Horan's son. Niall was also in the band.

"How the fans treating you guys today?" Arabella asked.

"Same as always. Annoying."

Dominic laughed at me. Boy is he cute when he laughs. So what? I have a stupid crush on my best friend that I've known my whole life. I would never admit to it because I don't want to ruin our friendship.

"Hey you guys wanna come over for dinner? Bring your families?" he asked.

"Yeah totally!" we all said.

"It will be like a big One Direction reunion. Even though they talk every day."

"Ugh don't even remind me."

Later that day my parents, Hope, little sister, Darcy, and I all went over to Dominic's house. I knocked on the door and he answered.

"Hello Aunt Sam and Uncle Harry!"

Even though we aren't related we all call them aunt and uncle because they are so close.

We walked inside their HUGE house and went into the family room.

"BOO BEAR! I MISSED YOU!" my dad shouted while jumping on uncle Louis


"Dad you're so embarrassing!"

"Hey let's go upstairs! Bella is waiting for us!"

Hope and I followed Dominic upstairs to his room.

"Hey guys!" Bella said.

"Hey girly."

I plopped down on Dominic's bed.

"Do you guys ever wonder what our lives would be like if our parents weren't famous?"

"Hell of a lot better."

"C'mon guys! Being famous is fun!" Hope said.

"Shut up Hope." we all said.



All four of us hurried down the stairs and joined everybody at the table.

"FOOD!" uncle Niall yelled.

We all laughed at him.

After dinner Dominic and I went outside.

"So what's up?" I asked.

"About what you asked earlier. If our parents weren't famous I would have never met you."

"That's true."

"And I wouldn't be doing this," he said.

His face was inching closer to mine... Just barely touching... But then....

I felt hands grab my waist and cover my mouth. I started screaming. I could see Dominic. He was trying to get me back.

"Let her go!"

The guy lost grip of my mouth.


I felt a sharp pain in my side. And I watch Dominic fall....

That's all I remembered when I woke up in a dark room.... Scared faces all around me.... Cement walls, dirty floors, no windows.

Oh my god.... I've been... Kidnapped...

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