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Yall really not finna like how this book end🤫.


"Thank you so much" Jania ran towards KD but he pushed her back.

"I really wasn't trying to help you I just was getting tired of that nigga laugh" he shrugged.

"We out" I Said and hopped in my car and we all left the scene quick.

I needed to go straight to the hospital to go see NeeNee and if she didn't wake up within the next few days I was gone lose it.


I had decided to go home and take a shower before I went to see her so I was just now getting to the hospital.

She laid there looking pale and lifeless.I hated seeing her like this but I felt like I needed to come here everyday because if I Don't it doesn't feel right.

I walked over to the bed and grabbed her hand kissing it. "I miss you baby, everybody body miss you nothing the same" I talked to her.

"I know I cheated and lied and did my dirt but at the end of the day I still love the fuck outta you and nobody can change that I just need you to wake up mane this shit scaring me a nigga don't have no type of appetite haven't slept good since you been in here and I fucking hate it, please wake up baby" I tried My hardest to hold my tears back.

Fuck it.A tear fell.Thugs cry too.

One Of The machines she was hooked up to started beeping and a few second later nurses rushed into here and they kept telling me to leave the room.

"For what, what's going on" I asked.

"We're loosing her" they yelled and pushed me out of the room.

Those words kept replaying in my head and I dropped down into the chair.

I know one thing for sure if She don't wake up I will never be the same mane.


I've been trying to lay low because I didn't want Kentrell or any of his guys to try to kill me.Maybe I will just try to Be Friends with NeeNee when she wakes up.

I scrolled down my Instagram timeline and saw Hella people posting pictures of Kalanee and saying Shake Back.I rolled my eyes.I didn't think she would be getting this much attention.

"She Woke Yet" Miyah walked into the living room and flopped down on the couch.

"Nope" I shrugged.

"That's too bad" she made a fake sad face.

"I know right, but I have to tell you something"

"What" she raised her eyebrow and looked up from her phone.

"You know Kentrell's friend Babyjoe" I asked.

"Yeah" she nodded.

"I think he likes me" I blushed.

"Yuck, all he is is a wanna be Youngboy and all he do is follow everything he do" she rolled her eyes.

"Good since I Cant have Kentrell I'll just use him and then make my way Into the gang" I shrugged.

"Like that would ever happen, they would let me back in gang before they let you in" she scoffed.

"You a fucking hater i see why they don't fuck with you now" I mumbled.

"No the reason they not fucking with me now is because I wasn't around that much to even know that they wasn't fucking with you like that and you knew which is why you Came and tried to be all buddy buddy with me so you could pull me out and try to squeeze you way in" she went off.

I really didn't have anything to say because it was all true.

"I'm out" she started walking towards the door.

"Wait no bitch you getter fuck out this my house" she mugged me and pointed towards the door making me snatch my coach purse up and walk out.


I was laying In NeeNee bed just staring at the wall.Kentrell had called me crying and told me something happened with her breathing or something and that just made me even more scared for her.Nobody understands me and that girl been through literally hell and back with each other along with the rest of gang.She always is the peacemaker believe it or not, she make sure everybody straight, and that's also my cousin so of course my loyalty for her run deep.Losing her would be like losing a big peace to our puzzle.

I just really hope she shake back because I need her.We need her.


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