Chapter 30- Into The Sun

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Quote of the day: "Leaving a person or place should not be the end of the world, it should be the beginning of cherishing past sweet memories".

-Manhattan, New York

-Avelyn Perez

-Arcote Mansion

"Make yourself comfortable", he said leading me to the kitchen. I took a seat on the steel stool and observed the interior.

I noticed that his style was very aesthetical, clean looks, vibrant and plain contrasts and a modern edge.

The exterior of the mansion was a combination of concrete and glass where the glass was the majority of the home. The entrance was quite short to the main door, to the left, there were the pool three-quarters of it in the glass with a bar, lounge and lovely plants decorating the area giving it that home vibe. The mansion was layered in steps from the frontal view, barred with black railings, the glass work was very neat. Inside was white just as outside and having vibrant colours pop in each main area.

"What was it like on your first day at work?" I asked. Tentatively watching him move around in the kitchen, chopping and mixing, from the looks of it he was cooking Mediterranean food.

"My first job was not as the boss of Elliot's if that is what you're interested in hearing. My first job was as a personal assistant to a local fashion designer".

"Oh...tell me more", I propped my chin on my hand and listened.

"Well, I needed to get a job to help myself as I knew my mom's position. I was actually wanted for modelling but I don't like that life. I took the job as the personal assistant and...let's just say it didn't end well. That was my first and last lesson on being professional but somehow, I broke the rules again".

With that explanation, I got the gist of things.

"What was the first day as the boss of Elliot's like?"

Ian took out a salmon fish from the refrigerator and began filleting it. I admired his knife skills as he worked.

"I was very well trained to handle business and my first day at Elliot was making sure everyone did more than what is expected of them. After, I came home to a glass of champagne and something that doesn't even matter anymore. I know you know I have had many other my life. None of them has made me feel the way you did. I was simply the bachelor having his I am committed and honestly, you are definitely something special to make me commit".

We stared at each other for a moment before he finished making perfect cuts of the meat.

He seasoned it with salt and pepper before searing it in the pan. Meanwhile, he cut up olives, blanched and shocked asparagus, green beans, rainbow carrots and broccoli rub to put in a vegetable salad with arugula, spinach and frisee lettuce.

"Dinner is almost done; would you join me in the dining room?" Damian came to my side and escorted me to the dining room.

A glass table with thick white legs and throne-like white chairs, extremely elegant chandelier hung in the middle and the walls all white with a black and silver accent textured wall.

"I will serve dinner in two minutes", he pressed a kiss on my cheek and disappeared.

I took the time to reflect on the way he has changed. I came to realise that maybe we were meant to be. We were attracted to each other and used each other's presence as an excuse to stay angry yet we kept coming back no matter what.

Damian walked in with a serving tray and placed the two platters of food on the table. We both sat next to each other, him at the head of the table and me on his left.

The pan-seared salmon looked scrumptious. I saw he had a dressing for the salad and fish separated in tiny cups. And mashed potato to top it off.

"You have clean culinary skills", I admired his cooking style.

"Thank you,, I want to enjoy this meal with you", he leaned in and kissed me before feeding me himself.


We were lying on the individual chaise sofa, cuddled under the stars and warmed by the near fireplace on his balcony.

"Thank you for today", I pressed a kiss to his chest.

Damian held my chin and raised my face to meet his. His eyes swirled with emotions...the raw passion and desire he felt...mirrored with my eyes and I could have felt his heartbeat matching mine.

"I am not finished with my request, dove", his voice raspy and rich as dark chocolate.

Swiftly, I found myself beneath his Godly frame. My heart was in my throat and heavenly sensations rocked my body.

"What is your request?" I asked softly.

He grinned, "I have to show you how hot you are".

"H-how hot am I?" I stammered as I was losing all sense of logic whilst his hands did their sinister work.

"Let me show, dove" ...and with that, I gasped as his lips meet my exposed skin.


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