Chapter 28- Him & Her

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Quote of the day: "The beauty in a relationship is the sizzling chemistry of the couple's friendship".

-Manhattan, New York

-Avelyn Perez

-Perez Apartment

"What do you want to eat?" Damian took out his phone and glanced at me. I pulled up a seat on the sofa and turned on the television.

"Hmmm...what are you in the mood for?" I glanced at him whilst skipping through the channels.

"I'm in the mood for you", a grin forms on his sinister lips.

Dear God...

I saw how he was contemplating his thoughts before he suddenly begins texting furiously on the phone. Damian then comes to my side, bringing me in his arms and watching the cooking show before us.

"What did you order?"

"Everything", he replied nonchalantly. I decided not to question further and tell him about my plans.

"I should have notified you about having my own business's been a private wish since I first became an interior designer and I think I've got what it takes to succeed. My reputation as Avelyn Perez started before I began working for you...I want to expand on that and build my career. I want a house of my own and elevate my independence".

Sitting up on the sofa, facing him and speaking my heart out. Damian straightened up and I saw the observing side come forth.

"How do you plan to start off this business?" Damian questioned.

"I plan on working on the setup whilst working at Elliot's so I won't have to spend time at home preparing...I can do my present job and work on my future one as well. The standard procedure to register, get the financial work sought, purchase and furnish a workspace and lastly, advertise".

"Will you allow me to help you?"

I pondered on that question as I've always wanted to work for success in my life without help. The end product or I should say, the fruit of my work would taste so much sweeter that way.

"What do you plan on providing help?" I asked.

"I can have the registration, taxing and other financial arrangements done in one phone call...there are a few spaces I know are up for sale, I can pass my agent onto you and only if you want, I will have your business' name showcased in my upcoming event", his voice crisp and calm.

I listened attentively to what he was saying as there was a lot to consider.

"Also, you are well known with my previous clients and almost everyone requests you when coming to the interior designs. The few that don't are die-hard supporters of my other employees. You have grown with my business and have helped it in a great way. Your departure will be a loss to the company but we have sustained and survived before, we will now".

The Damian I knew in meetings was speaking to me. That business-like manner, crisp voice and neutral expression he sported were definitely showing now.

"I would also like to add, I want to do what you have done for me and my company, allow me to do so, please. I know that you have what it takes to be an extremely successful businesswoman. Your talent and passion for interior designing will get you far in life. I hope that one day we shall collaborate on a huge project with our blossoming business. I do not wish to lose you but I have to let you go as it's what you desire and what's going to make you happy. I want your happiness, Avelyn Perez".

The world ceases to exist at that moment. The man before me took my breath, my ability to communicate, simply everything of me away. My eyes welled up with tears as my emotions were everywhere. Damian Elliot Arcote was a gem, indeed, and I failed to see him for that but now I do truly.

I wanted to kiss him.

And just as I was about to lean in, the doorbell rang and he excused himself to go check. A minute later, he was carrying take-out boxes in four bags.

"I ordered Greek, Mexican, Italian and Caribbean cuisines...each box contains a different dish allocated to the cuisine. There are disposable utensils in the bag so we can share the boxes", he explained whilst taking the boxes out of the bags and arranging them on the coffee table orthodoxly.

The aroma was heavenly and I heard my tummy growl, a sign to dig in. Damian also heard and laughed.

"You have enough food to feed an are we going to finish this?" I stared at him in surprise. Taking the seat next to me, he rolled up his sleeves and smiled.

"We will have leftovers for tomorrow".

The Greek dishes included Spanakorizo, it's rice and spinach cooked in a lemon and olive oil sauce, Yemista, large tomatoes and peppers stuffed with rice, traditional Tzatziki sauce, a blend of strained yogurt, cucumbers and garlic; Saganaki, fried cheese, Lavraki which is a fish dish of European sea bass and lastly, Horiatiki, traditional Greek salad.

The Mexican dishes included pulled pork tacos with pineapple slaw and spiced pork tacos with avocado crema and peach salsa, pork and chicken empanadas, chicken Posole which is shredded chicken in a broth garnished with vegetables and herbs, the Posole in the container was garnished with lime wedges, avocado slices, cabbage, radish and parsley; and lastly Pico de Gallo and guacamole.

I looked over the Italian dishes and was in heaven; Arancini, stuffed rice balls with mozzarella and ragu sauce; prosciutto wrapped asparagus, mozzarella and sweet melon; Calamaretti fritti, fried squid; risotto with mussels, clams, calamari and shrimp; and lastly, chicken ravioli.

"These are such gastronomic delights", I almost squealed in excitement.

Lastly were the Caribbean dishes and it would be my first time actually having this type of cuisine. Curry chicken, salt-fish fritters, jerk salmon with mango slaw and lastly, coconut chicken and bean soup.

"Enjoy, dove", Damian leaned in and pressed a tender peck on my cheek. I tried my best not to shiver in response but my body, mind and soul knew how I felt about him.

"Can I tell you something?" I turned to face him as he was about to reach for the tacos. He stopped and looked over at me.

"Sure. What is it?"

The courage I had seemingly lost came back again and I definitely was not going to hold back. With each word, I got closer to him and...

"I am really thankful for- "

I kissed him.  

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