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Chapter Seven

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"I'm so happy school is over now" Elena said as she laid back on her towel

"Until college" Lily said ruining the moment

"Yeah whatever" Elena said

All three of us laid out in my garden on our towels in our bikinis. It was boiling hot and the sun was beaming, we finished school two weeks ago and now we had weeks of before we go to college. All of us had applied for the same college, meaning Jack and JJ would be in at the same place as us for once. None of us really knew what we wanted to do, that's why we decided to apply at the same place, they have all different courses, it was called Herrings East College.

"Hey Lil, do you know where Matt is going for college?" I asked realising I'd never asked him before

"Fairview" she said shortening the name of Fairview Dramatic Arts College.

"How are things with Matt?" Elena asked

"They're good I guess" Lily said sounding unsure

"You spend most of your time together so I would hope so" I said

"Yeah, he always asks me to hang out and stuff, I guess we get on well"

"You don't sound sure" I say confused

"No, I am, I'm over Jack now, I just need time to see how things go with Matt" she said slightly defensive

"Hey Grace, do you have any lemonade?" Elena asked changing the subject

"Yeah, I'll go get it" I said sitting up from my relaxed position

When I walked into my kitchen I saw my cat, Ginger, laying on the cold kitchen counter, escaping the heat from outdooors. Next to her was my phone, I picked it up and saw missed calls from Cam, I rung him back. 

"Hey, Grace"

"Hey, what did you want?" I asked confused

"I'm with JJ, can we come over, we're so bored" he said 

"Well I mean we're having girl time, sunbathing" I tell him

"We'll bring swim suits...GARDEN PARTY" he said getting excited

"NO. You can come over but no party, get Jack and Taylor to come too" I said

"Ayye, I knew you'd come through, see you later" He said hanging up.

I sighed at the last minute plans and got the lemonade Elena had requested. 

"The boys are coming over" I told them

"Cams idea I bet" Elena said as she sat up a little, the sun shined on her skin which went well with her lilac bikini

"Him and JJ are bored" I said sitting down her lemonade next to her

"Thanks" she said as I sat it down

"Matts with Taylor I think so that means Matt is going to end up coming" Lily said 

"You don't sound too happy about that" I said 

"no...I am" she attempted to cover up her attitude 

"I wanna swim" I said dipping my toes into my medium sized pool

"I'll swim with you" Elena said standing up

I walked over and put my feet in at the steps, I held Elenas hand when she joined me and we both slowly walked into the water.

"cold, cold, cold" we both whined as we walked into the water. 

"Ah, so relaxing" Elena said as she slowly moved through the water

"I love summer" I said "Come and get in" I tried to persuade Lily

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