𝙭𝙞𝙭. 𝙩𝙚𝙘𝙝-𝙣𝙚𝙧𝙙 𝙙𝙪𝙤

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( chapter nineteen: tech-nerd duo )


back in the lab, macy was internally screaming and freaking out, but acting as if it was no big deal so no one would panic immediately. she didn't want to end up having a panic attack again and causing a scene that distracted them from escaping.

she sat next to will, but got up when doctor owens pulled out a map. "look, this is us, and this is the nearest exit." he circle our area on the map and the exit we were closest to.

"but if we somehow make it there, there's no way out." doctor owens continued.

"no way out?" macy questioned him, hiding the wordy in her voice.

doctor owens turns back to the group, "the locks are fail secure."

"fail secure?" joyce asks.

"if there's a power outage, the building goes on full lockdown," doctor owens motions his hand to emphasize his explanation for deeper understanding.

"can it be unlocked remotely?" macy butts in again, getting closer to the doctor to see.

"with a computer, yes. but somebody's-"

"gotta reset the breakers," macy finishes doctor owens' sentence before he could, and everyone looked at her with shock. especially mike, he didn't know she'd be into computers.

mike walks up to her, "do you know a lot about computers?"

"so and so," she shrugs and everyone gives her a suspicious look, "okay i know a lot about computers and tech stuff. but you all sure know as hell i am not leaving and going out there alone."

hopper turns to owens, "where are these breakers?"

"breakers are in the basement, three floors down," owens takes out another map from below the desk.

hopper pushes through bob and macy to get to the door. the two turn around and look at him. "hey, where are you going?" bob whispers harshly.

"to reset the breakers," hopper replies.

"okay, then what?"

"then we get out of here." hopper says.

"no, then the power comes back on," macy butts in, "if you wanna unlock the doors, you have to completely reboot the computer system. and then override the security codes with a manual input."

joyce looks impressed with macy's knowledge on how to work the computers and open the lab doors and the gate. mike was shocked, since he didn't think macy knew this much. (no, mike wasn't thinking that in a sexist way. he was rather impressed also.)

hopper looks down at the redhead, "fine. then how do i do that?"

"you can't. not unless you know the BASIC." she explains.

"i don't know what that means," hopper then looks up at bob, "do you?"

"it's a computer programming language," mike calls out to him.

hopper looks confused, unsure of what happened, "teach it to me."

it seemed to everyone else that bob and macy found a skill that they're both good at, and that they both love. after all, they were tech-nerds.

bob and macy scoff. macy chuckled after, "should i teach you french while we're at it?"

"is it that complicated?" hopper asks and they both nod.

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