Dear Yokai 3

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Time: 5:09PM


I know that this is a bit strange for me to write if it's not on the weekend, but I just had to. Something weird happened today.

So, for the most part, it was a normal day at school with my friends, but after school when we (Brennan, Ava and I) were standing by my locker, three guys I'd seen earlier in the day passed us by.

I know that it's weird for me to write this, but... I'll do it anyways. Mom will never find this book anyway, so it's okay for me to write this, right?

Anyways, there's this one of the three. He's the second tallest and he has black hair. He looked over at us as they passed, right at ME.

As you know, when someone like me makes eye contact with someone, I usually look away, but this time I just couldn't. He was so attractive, and I just couldn't look away from his eyes. I'm not really sure what colour they are, but I do know that I wanted to look in them some more.

I don't get it myself, and I don't think I'll ever be able to fully express how I felt in that millisecond.

I don't know what grade he's in, but I think he's a senior. I really hope that I get to see him again!

Ugh ... what am I saying? And so excited too...

I just know that I'll never get the chance to talk to him, but I just want to confirm what colour his eyes are, or it would make me extremely happy if he became my best friend.

Hopes schmopes. They never come true, so why waste time hoping?

Well ... bye...

An ... a mildly confused Sage.

S. Tremaine

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