Dear Yokai 2

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Time: 2:46PM

Hi! It's me again! I know that it's been a week since I wrote, but I couldn't really find the time to write.

Remember that I've started school a month late so that means I have lots of notes and assignments to catch up on. It hasn't been bad at all so far. In fact, I actually enjoy school work. Especially Food and Nutrition, math and biology! Those are my favorite subjects, then agricultural science, I think.

I hate Physics. Weird, right? People assume that when you're good at math, automatically you'll destroy physics. Naw!

My friends call me a nerd because I like those subjects. A nerd is a good thing, right? But I don't even wear glasses!

I suppose that being called a nerd is better than being called 'weird'. I just hope that they don't spam calling me a nerd. Ugh!

Oh! How could I forget? I have to tell you about my friends!

Can you believe it? I have three. Three! And they're like the popular girls in the school or something!

They're nice. Ava, Brennan and Carly. Brennan and Carly are best friends, and Carly has a boyfriend.

Relationships though. It seems fun, but I'm sure that school work is more fun.

But to be honest, I'd like some boys as friends. Is that too much to ask? I've never had one before. Sure I talk to them, but none of them ever seemed to want to be my friend :(

I wonder why?

Well, I'll close it here for today. It's the weekend, and I need to get some rest to tackle my second week at Oak Ridge High school.


A not so nervous Sage :D

S. Tremaine

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