Chapter 18

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Addy stayed in bed for three days. Not moving not eating, and most certainly not talking.

With her lack of nutrition, she couldn't draw a single rune without messing up.

Addy locked the door a couple of days ago. Right now she was currently staring at the wall.

Izzy texted her saying she was making Alec and Jace make up and that they should be back in 30 minutes. That was at least 45 minutes ago.

Addy had her headphones in playing music, she didn't hear the knock at the door or people yelling behind it.

Then, someone kicked the door down making her jump up, but her head and wrist hurt and she hissed out in pain.

"What the hell!" Addy screamed clutching her wrist. She took the headphones out.

"You've been in here for three days one of which you were passed out, you missed Izzy's trail" Jace said

"One, I was passed out during that day and two, at least I didn't run Of with someone I just met stealing the cup and ending in my sister losing her trail almost losing her life" Addy snapped getting out of bed. "And I was passed out"

"Jace it's fine she was sick and hurt" Izzy said. "When was the last time you've eaten anything?"

"I don't know and quite frankly I don't care" Addy said throwing her hands up in the air.

"What about your wrist" Alec asked

"Still as useless as a fuck" Addy said "But it turned this really cool shade of pink, that brings out my skin tone"

"That's not important" Clary said

"Oh look the worm has teeth" Addy snapped towards Clary.

"Leave her out of this" Jace said. Clary turned towards Jace in slight amazement.

"You brought her into this, I should be saying the same thing to you," Addy said

"Shes my sister" Jace said

"Look at you Oh I love her, oh she's my sister, oh why why why"

"Do you ever learn to shut up?" Jace asked

"Did you ever learn that family is important?"

"I have! She's my sister" Jace yelled

"I'm as much as your sister as her, but you abandoned me for someone you met 2 weeks ago," Addy said "now do you guys actually want something or are you just gonna stand their like I'm going mental"

"I'm taking you out" Izzy said

"Sorry Izzy, Not into girls, no if you excuse me, I'm going back to bed." Addy said

"You missed out on Izzy's trail, and Alec's wedding is tomorrow, I think you should at least go out" Clary said

"And do what? Get drunk? Get laid? Get wasted? Listen Clary, you may be one of the most popular Shadowhunters because of your dad, but you know nothing about us or Jace or me. You probably can't even name Jace's favorite thing" Addy said

"Weapons" Clary said

"No, it's his reflection" Addy said with a slight chuckle. "But I'm not going out, to do whatever the hell you want to do"

"We are buying dresses" Izzy said. Everyone stared at her waiting for her reaction.

"Yeah no" Addy said getting back into bed.

"I don't think you understand, the most important members of the Clave are gonna be there" Clary said

"Really? I had no idea? Thanks for solving another mystery Sherlock" Addy said sarcastically.

"This is important!" Jace said.

"You wanna know what else is important? I have a real blood kin family. I have brothers and sisters, I have a real dad. And you want me to do what? Go shopping for dresses" Addy asked.

"Yes" everyone said

"Fine, I'll go if Magnus comes. He's the only person I trust right now" Addy said swinging my feet over the edge.

"You don't trust us?" Alec asked.Addy raised an eyebrow.

"You" Addy said pointing to Jace "knocked me out and made me bait"

"You" Addy said pointing to Izzy "dragged me into helping your boyfriend your not aloud to see, which means I have to wait for my punishment from the Inquisitor"

"You" She said pointing to Clary "just made everything worse"

"And you" Addy said pointing to Alec "broke my heart"

Everyone stood there quietly or looking at the floor in quilt. "Addy" Alec said "I'm so sorry"

"Just call Magnus" Addy said walking out of the room.

"Addy!" Alec called after her. He turned   around to the rest of the group rubbing his face. He looked at the group with a solum face.

"What have I done" Alec said

"Don't listen to her" Clary said

"No! Clary! No... I loved her, and I still do," Alec said. "I've made the biggest mistake of my life"

"Worse than that one time—" Izzy started

"Yes" Alec said

"Damn" Izzy said

"I ruined her" Alec said "I lost her"

"Then get her back"


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