• Chapter 57 •

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• Matthew POV •

"What was that?" Nash asked. I got up and Hayes pushed past me, sitting at the front of the bus.

I looked over to see Kaye. I walked over to her and she was crying. I hugged her and she wrapped her arms around my neck, crying on my shoulder.

I rubbed her back and she just cried. I don't know what happened, I just know she's hurt.

She pulled away. "I just want to cuddle." She said. we laid on the bed and I wrapped her up in my arms.

She closed her eyes and soon went to sleep.

Once she was fully asleep, I got up and sat next to Hayes.

"What happened?" I asked. "I hope you're happy." He said and with that, he walked to the back of the bus.

I sighed and sat with everyone else.

We were just now arriving in New Mexico. We just have to go through Arizona, then we're in California.

"Matthew, what happened with Kaye?" Nash asked, "I think Hayes said something, I don't know." I said.

He nodded and I scrolled through twitter.


"This part of Arizona is nice." Kylie smiled, "the view is amazing."

"Yep, the view is amazing." Taylor licked his lips, looking at her butt.

"Stop." Kylie pointed a finger.

"What? I was being cute." Taylor gave her a cheeky smile. "It would have been cute if you said that looking at my face, not my ass." She said.

"Still said it." He said, giving her a peck on the lips.

Me and Kaye just enjoyed the view, I don't think she felt like talking.

I hugged her from behind, kissing her cheek. "I love you." I smiled, resting my head on her shoulder.

She looked over and smiled.

"I love you more."

Hayes rolled his eyes, walking over to the other side.

"We should go eat now." Nash said. we all agreed and started walking to McDonald's.

We all told Cameron what we wanted and he ordered for us as always.

Callie was calling me and I smiled answering.

"Hey Cal." I smiled. "Hey Matt, where are you guys now?" She asked. "We're in Arizona." I said.

"Oh well so am I, do you think I could join you guys?" She asked.

Callie was also going down to California, because when we talked about this she was still dating Taylor

"Yeah, let me make sure it's alright and I'll text you." I said. "Alright." She said and I hung up.

I sat down beside Kaye and I turned to Cameron.

"Callie's here and wants to know if she can drive with us." I said. "Ask Taylor not me." he said.

"She's my ex." Taylor said. "How does that saying go? Worry about your next, not your ex." I said.

"You need to stop with these quotes or whatever they are." Carter chuckled.

"Anyways, it's going to be awkward and she still thinks we're on a break." Taylor said.

"Yeah she can come." Nash said, smirking. I texted her and told her where we were at.

"What if Kaye didn't want her there?" Taylor asked. "They made up." I said. "still." He said.

"Dude, she's coming and maybe you should tell her that you guys are done." Cameron said.

"Is it to late to do it over text?" He asked.

We all looked at him. "YES."


Callie had walked through the door and we all greeted her. She sat down at the table Taylor, Kylie, Hayes, Madison, and Carter were at.

"Hey Kylie, haven't seen you in awhile. what are you doing here?" Callie asked Kylie.

"Oh, I missed Kaye, plus my boyfriend wanted me to come." Kylie shrugged.

She looked around and realized Kylie was referring to Taylor as her boyfriend.

"Should have told her." Madison said, "but that's none of my business." She said, looking away.


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