Chapter 21: Cow tipping

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“What do you need…pure one?” I hated calling her pure one…she was anything but pure! But it was out of respect and I didn’t want to know what the punishment is if you crossed her the second time. She grinned at me showing her white, alluring smile. “Well, they had to send somebody to see why there was such a spike in power over here…and when I saw it was you, well…I had to stop by and say hi for old times sake.” Her eyes snaked over Gordon’s body as she gave him a seductive smile, “I can have some fun with you.”

All I saw was red.

Chapter 21:

Gordon’s POV:

I could feel and nearly see the anger rolling off of Isis, almost like waves. I needed to defuse this situation now if I wanted to keep her around! I rubbed her arms up and down, “Isis, it’s okay…I’m only interested in you.” I reassured her. Sure Lydia was hot but Isis has told me what a b*tch she is. And from what I gathered between the talk of her and Amin…she’s the last one you want to deal with. Lydia chuckled, “She’s merely a girl! You want a woman, yes?” She purred at me.

Okay, so if she were to ask me this a while ago, I would’ve said ‘hell yes!’, but…I just can’t shake these feelings for Isis…hell, I don’t even want to shake them! “If I wanted to go after a mummy I would’ve gone to Egypt.” I joked, but quickly shut up when I saw how angry that made her.

“You think I look old?! You insolent little child!” It seemed as though I hit a nerve…pity. She collected herself, “You know, Isis here is not much younger than I. How does that make you feel?” She smirked like she won. Ha! I snorted, “I like cougars…I just don’t go for old wrinkly tortoises.” She screeched and stalked over closer to us. Oh sh*t! Should’ve kept my mouth shut!

“I have the power to separate you two! You know what? I think I will!” She started to chant making me feel a little lightheaded. Isis started to freak out, “Gordon! No! Lydia please stop!” She screamed out. I got an idea though.

“Isis! I wish she wasn’t able to separate us!” I yelled out. Isis clapped her hands together quickly as I felt like we were hovering above the ground. The chanting immediately stopped. Isis and I both fell to the hard floor of dirt. “You sneaky little devil!” Lydia yelled out and stomped her foot. I hugged Isis closer to me, needing to feel her in some way. When Lydia was chanting I felt like a void was ripping itself into me. It felt empty and cold. I shivered at the thought of it.

“Leave us Lydia! You’re letting your emotions clog your thinking. You almost separated us! Are you insane?! You know what that can do to both parties!” Isis yelled out, hanging onto me for dear life. I wasn’t complaining! Lydia gritted her teeth and snarled,

“You incompetent fool! How dare you let your master speak to me that way? I should rip away your powers!” She exclaimed in anger. I wanted to shield her from this evil woman. Man, she was scary! “Enough Lydia.” Our heads snapped over and out walked a man that looked similar to Lydia. He looked a little older though. Lydia huffed and crossed her arms like a kid.

“Kruse…what are you doing here?” She grumbled. He sighed and shook his head at her. Who was he? He’s the older brother of Lydia. He’s a good one, don’t worry. He’ll help us out. I had to stiffen so I wouldn’t jump when I heard Isis’ voice in my head. Kruse shook his head at her like scolding a little child.

“Lydia….how could even think about separating these two? You know how sacred a bond between the master and genie is. That was very careless of you. What should your punishment be?” He asked her with all seriousness. I hated when my parents asked me that when I was younger. It was always a trap. Lydia gaped at him.

“Oh come on! I just got caught up!” She tried to defend herself. Ha! Take that you evil little b*tch! Isis stifled a laugh and covered it up with a cough but I caught it. Oh crap! She can read my mind now! Kruse lifted an eyebrow as his gaze drifted to us. Shaking his head he sighed, “Why must I be the responsible one of you? You wreak havoc wherever you go! Now answer me…what should your punishment be?” He asked once again. She fiddled with her fingers then gave a little shriek.

“I don’t know! Maybe…let me off with a warning?” She asked with a big grin. I wanted to roll my eyes at her. How pathetic! Giving that loser puppy dog look to get what she wants…oh crap I do the same thing! I had no idea how ridiculous I looked now looking at Lydia.

“Sister…you and I both know I’ve given you plenty of warnings. You’re punishment will be to nurture and help new genies understand how to work their new powers. If they do not come to par within two weeks of working with them, then I will add onto  your punishment; understood?” She gaped at him wildly before going into a tantrum.

“You’re the worst brother ever! You know how annoying new genies are! I’m disgusted to call you family!” She poofed out then, disappearing from sight. Kruse shook his head with a sigh and looked at us. “I apologize on her behalf. But don’t talk to her like that you got it human? Respect will get you far. See you around Isis.” He disappeared as well leaving us alone.

“I feel like I’ve just watched one of those Vegas magic shows with all the disappearing people.” I muttered making Isis let out a shaky laugh. I turned to her then, hearing her distraught. “Hey…you okay?” She nodded at first but then shook her head. “No…Gordon…do you even realize how close we were to never see each other again? Too close.” She shuddered and clung tighter to me. I rubbed her arms to soothe her.

“Shh, it’s okay. It all worked out. We’re fine.” I reassured her. She looked up at me, “But you just had to use your second wish! I’m sorry.” She grabbed my face and kissed me softly. I chuckled into her causing her to pull back confused.

“I’m completely fine with it. I wasn’t even sure what to use it for anyways. I told you…I got pretty much anything I want or need.” I spoke with a shrug. She gave me a watery smile and cupped my face, “Who knew you were such a softie.” I narrowed my eyes at her.

“I am not a softie.” I paused, “Don’t tell anyone.” I finished with a grumble, making her laugh. My cell went off making my butt vibrate. Rolling my eyes I rolled to the side and stood up so I could grab it. “Hello?” I answered without looking at the ID.

“Dude! Guess what?!” Corbin shrieked in my ear. I winced slightly but laughed, “There’s a undead, rollerblading, health nut, named Frolie?” I joked. He huffed on the other line. “Yeah, okay Olan…no seriously! I just got the code for Principal Goucher ranch up by Willow Grove!” Our principal lived on the outskirts of town by Willow Grove where there was more farm fields. He has a locked gate system which makes it impossible for us to prank him. I felt a wide grin stretch across my face and rocked back and forth on my heels. “Oh yeah? Where and when man?” I asked.

“His place…tonight. Bring your genie. I’m sure Isis can help too.” He chuckled. Rolling my eyes I agreed. This should be fun. And fun is what I think we both needed. I hung up on him and looked down at Isis. She was still on the ground playing with a flower she probably plucked near her. I held out my hand, “C’mon. We’re going to raise a little hell.” She looked confused but grabbed my hand. “Should I be scared?” She asked with a raised eyebrow.

I pulled her close so our face was inches apart. “Very.” I said with a low husky voice. She shivered and inched closer. I felt a warmness spread through me making me grin lazily. I would describe the feeling like being wrapped up in a heated blanket in the middle of winter. I could almost taste her sweet breath on my tongue before brushing my lips along hers. She whimpered against me. This kiss felt different. I felt different.

Instead of the warm blanket I now felt a searing hot fire burn slowly through my veins. My hands found their way to her back to pull her even closer and press my lips now firmly over hers. I’ve never felt anything like this! It was completely addicting to which I didn’t want to be sober from. I didn’t realize I was backing her up until her back hit the tree.

Suddenly I nearly face planted as I was kissing air. Whirling around I saw her standing ten feet from me with a grin. “Not fair!” I whined. She blew me a kiss and started to run making me groan, but pursued after her. “I’m going to get you!” I called out. We raced back towards the house when she abruptly turned around and stopped.  I stumbled into her as she wrapped her arms around me. Just before we hit the ground I felt weightless again.

I hadn’t realized I closed my eyes until I opened them to see us inside her lamp. We were on her bed with her hovering above me. “Hi!” She grinned and pecked my lips. I chuckled and shook my head at her. “You’re just playful right now aren’t you?” I asked with an amused smile. She nodded her head in an exaggerated manor. “Well let’s see…Lydia stalked off with her Satan’s tail between her legs. Plus…I get to do this.” She finished off with kissing me again. I had no complaints to stop her now!

“So where are we headed?” She asked when she pulled away. I felt a devious smile make it’s way on my face. “We’re going to go pay the principal a little visit tonight. How do you feel about cow tipping?” I asked her with a smirk.


“Shh! Shut the hell up man! Do you want Goucher to come out here?” I hissed under my breath as the moon shown down on us. A rare sight in our small city, but a welcomed one. Corbin childishly stuck out his tongue but otherwise stayed silent. Isis stayed silent but let out a small under her breath laugh.

We had punched the code into his gate and now were in his fields where his cows slept. I’ve never tried this but it looked funny. We Youtubed it, so it should work. Lyle and Benny were keeping watch. I saw a big bertha and grinned. “Found a good one.” I rubbed my hands together before standing next to it and then pushed abruptly into the cow’s side. It mooed loudly and moved out of the way causing me to fall to the floor…and land in a big pile of crap.

“Oh my God!-” Corbin and the rest broke off laughing so hard they were bent over besides themselves. “I-I can’t breathe!” Lyle gasped out. I stood up, completely disgusted and looked down to see it smeared all along my side. “Does anyone want a hug?” I asked with a smirk. They all stopped laughing and backed away slowly.

“Who’s out there?!” Goucher yelled out. We all looked at each other before booking it back to our cars. I stopped dead though once I got to the driver’s side. “What?! Get in dude!” Corbin hissed at me. I gestured to my shirt.

“Man, I’m covered in cow sh*t! I don’t want to ruin my car seats!” I whined. We took the Escalade which was my baby. Isis grabbed my shoulder, but was careful not to touch the stinky substance, “I will use my powers to clean it off myself! Now let’s go!” She begged in a whisper so Lyle and Benny wouldn’t hear. I nodded reluctantly as we got in and sped off.


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