Six: Return to the Isle

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Carlos watched as Jay tried to teach Ben to how to behave when on the Isle in their room the next day. Evie was sitting nearby, putting the finishing touches on Ben's new outfit. Carlos was trying to pay attention, but he just couldn't focus. His mind was only seemed to be on Helena.

He looked down at his hands and stared at the rose that he was holding, the same one that was usually in a vase on Helena's nightstand. Without Helena there to keep it alive, the rose was slowly dying and was now beginning to wilt. He remembered when he first gave her the rose and he just couldn't believe that it was going to die just like that.

He didn't understand where it went it wrong. Was the pressure really too much for her that she had to leave? Why didn't she just tell him what she was feeling? He was determined to get answers to his questions. Despite how he was feeling, Carlos told him himself to be strong for Helena. He couldn't let her stay on the Isle, not after all they went through over there.

"I need a break," Ben said as he let out a sigh, sitting down beside Jay. "At least I know how it feels when you guys were pushed to be good."

"No, you don't. You will never know," Carlos muttered, Evie and Jay unable to disagree with his words.

"You're right," Ben stated. "I'm just a naive boy who believes that everything is sunshine and rainbows."

"Don't worry about them, guys. Mal and Helena just needed some time to themselves, they'll be fine," Evie said reassuringly.

"I'm more worried about how the Isle will react to them being there," Carlos said, he, Evie and Jay sharing a look with each other.

Evie then grabbed the jacket she was working on and handed to Ben, who stared at it in awe. "This is for me?" He asked with a grin as he studied the dark blue jacket. "You really designed this?" The young king asked the blue haired princess.

"I'm sure none of your tailors would know how to design the perfect VK outfit," Evie said proudly.

Ben smiled, seeing that Evie had put his own personal touch on it by putting his beast insignia on the left side of the chest. "Thank you, Evie."

"Go do what you have to do and meet us back here when the sun goes down. That's when we're leaving."

Later that night, long after the sun went down and when it was dark outside, the four got ready to leave. Ben had changed into his VK style outfit that Evie made. He put a beanie atop his head and wore an old pair of Jay's combat boots. The three villain kids all got new outfits as well, which were similar to their original outfits that they were on the Isle.

"Jay, keys, remote," Ben said as he threw him the two items.

"Wait, something's wrong," Evie suddenly said, the three boys looking at her in expectantly. However, their faces soon fell once the blue-haired girl fixing the beanie atop of Ben's head. "There."

"Shotgun," Dude shouted rather loudly, the four turning to look at the small, now talking dog.

"No, Dude, stay. The Isle is way too dangerous," Carlos instructed.

Jay's face was scrunched up in confusion, his index finger pointing at the small dog. "Did he just..."

Carlos nodded, "Talk? Yeah, I know. Tell you later."

"Okay. Once we cross the bridge, park under the pier in the old garage. Got it?" Evie told Jay after the four got into the limousine. Jay would be the one driving since he knew his way through the Isle and learned how to drive recently. Carlos was sitting in the passenger's seat while Evie and Ben sat in the back.

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