Chapter 20

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Okay people, this chapter is SMUT, so not for innocent eyes. If you feel uncomfortable with that just skip it, no harm done since I will make sure it's not pivotable to the story. You have been warned. And now, enjoy.

Anders pov

"Maybe I don't want you to stop, I'm ready for you to mark me and make me yours in every way possible."

Holy shit!! Did he just say what I think he said?

"Are you sure about this? If we do this it can't be undone, we will be bonded together for the rest of our lives." I have to make sure, this is a desition he will have to live with for a long time.

"I am absolutely sure, I love you, so take me home and mate me Anders." I have to hold back from pulling him behind the building and bending him over, after all, a dark alley is hardly the best place for our first time.

I settle for pulling him into a tight hug, "I love you too Kyle, I can't tell you how happy I am to hear those words from you."

His next words almost makes me jizz in my pants, but I know I won't be able to live it down if that was to happen again, "I'm happy that you're happy baby. Now please, take me home and pound me into the mattress."

"Your wish is my command." I grab his arm and head straight for the car, I'm pretty sure I thanked the valet but I can't be sure. As I get inside the car I can't resist those plump lips of his and end up taking control of them in a needy kiss, shoving my tongue inside licking and tasting him, nibbling his lips, he whimpers into the kiss and the strong scent of our arousal mingles together making me so hard it hurts.

I'm glad we didn't run into any police on the way home because I was breaking the speed limit and ignoring a few stop signs, but my perfect, gorgeous, hot as hell mate just told me to fuck him, and I regret nothing!

As we arrive at the pack house I don't bother using my parking space, I just stop the car near the front door and as Kyle gets out of the car I grab hold of him and swoop in for another kiss grabbing his ass I lift him up and wrap his legs around my waist. And just like that I start heading for the apartment. There are a few greetings from pack members, not to mention giggles and chuckles, but they all seemed to understand that my mouth and mind was otherwise occupied.

Walking up the stairs proved to be a bit of a challenge, not because I get tired, I am a werewolf after all, but with each step my hard dick is pressed into his ass and Kyles is in turn pressed into my stomach. With the added stimulation I have to stop and breath, willing myself to relax and hold the looming orgasm at bay.

When I finally reach our apartment I get us inside and waste no time shredding Kyles shirt right off his body and let one hand roam his back as the other squeezes his firm ass, he responds by rubbing his bulge against my stomach and latches his lips onto my neck, kissing and biting as I head towards the bedroom.

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