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(Every time I fell so stress out and down, this song always brings a smile to my face. Even though I can understand it thru the help of English subs, the melody itself is enough to sooth me. I guess that is the power of music. It transcends time, culture and language)

Phun's POV

"P," finally it was Nong Mick who broke the awkward silence in the air. He got up, walk towards him and led him to where I am seated. Both of us caught off guard at this unexpected encounter.

It's been years since we last saw each other and we didn't particularly part on a good note. Seeing him again now, I honestly don't know how to react. Should I say hi like an old friend or should I give him a proper wai?

"Om", I called him out first as I get out of my seat. I offer him my hand, not knowing if he'll take or not ( I hope he does coz it is gonna be very uncomfortable.)

This buff guy wearing a grey shirt and denim shorts is simply standing there.He stares at my hands like it's the weirdest thing he ever saw and then at me. I'm desperately trying to give him a smile as natural as I could.

"Phun", his face breaks into a smile. He takes my hand and shakes it firmly with both of his hands. He pulled into a brotherly embrace (much to my surprise!!).

I admit I am stunned by how he reacted towards me but nevertheless I am very thankful. I felt like having my long lost friend back. It's heartwarming and liberating. Misty waters start to fill my eyes. All those hurtful words in the past disappeared into thin air. I fell as if a part of me (that high school Phun) came back.

 I fell as if a part of me (that high school Phun) came back

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Om is someone very important to Noh. And I treasure everyone who are important to Noh. His family is my family. His friends are my friends. And his best friend (whom he consider his brother from another mother) is also my brother. All those years I only had memories of Noh buried in my heart. To hold his brother like this fells like holding a part of Noh.

"I'm so glad to see you again, bro", he smilingly says as he let go of me, his eyes a bit misty while trying to hold up his tears from flowing. He jokingly throws some punches at me.

"Same here". I nodded in agreement

"It's been so".

"yah.. more than 10 years", I nod in response. That long!!

"Why don't we sit down? Nong Mick butts in. "P'Phun haven't finished his meal yet",

We ended up laughing to hide at how awkward this situation seems to be. Om seated right next to Nong Mick and casually rest his right arm on Nong Mick's shoulders. Seeing them together like this, they look perfectly cute. Nong Mick's fragile visage next to Om's domineering persona. Om did change. For once, his taller and more buff than before. He looks like one of those men-in-black tough guys. He could easily scare the life out of anyone. Yet, it's funny how soft his eyes are with Mick.

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