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It has been two days and I didn't sleep not for one minute, I couldn't not when my dad was captured by Ely.
I have been trying to figure out some plan to get him but I had to find his place first, and that bad feeling never left not once I knew something bad was going to happen if I didn't do something and fast .

" Rose you should get some sleep babe you tiered " Ezra said from behind warping his hands around me and lending me his heat .

"I can't and besides I'm not tiered "

" yes, you are "

And just when I was about to reply back my phone rang and it was face time, the number was unknown, and as soon as Ezra saw that it was unknown he went out and came in with Louise carrying his laptop.

Pick up already .
My inner self told me and I obeyed.

And the first thing I saw was Elys bruised cheeks and I grinned at the sight of them .
" I like the sight of those on you face " I began.
Ely didn't seem to be happy about what I said and he kept on looking at me like I don't know anything.

That is kind of true .

"You should wipe that grin of your face cause what's coming is not going to be funny at all" Ely said with a calm voice .

A pang was left in my chest but I didn't let it show, Ezra held my hand to calm which worked.

" I am going to ask you one question, and the things I'm gonna do is going to be based on you choice of answer "

" stop talking in riddles Ely , you are getting on my fucking nerves " I replied back .

" good, now my question is so simple-"

" the say it already "

" you don't talk to me like that, its not you game anymore " Elys voice began to get loud and I could hear someone from behind trying to talk .


" Ely where's my dad ?" I asked

" I'm the one asking the question here "Ely shot back completely ignoring what I asked " now Rosalie queen will you or will you not be my wife .."

Ezras hand tightened on mine, and I was left speechless.

" what did you just say "

" you heard me "

" ARE YOU OUT Of- what am I even asking of course you are "

" ah. Ah . Ah beware dear Rosalie if you say no "

He flipped the camera and I saw my dad sitting on a wooden chair facing Ely, there was ropes warped around his hand and legs tying them to the chair.

" you see you father here will have to die "


" no" I whispered.

" I will give you one hour" Ely said " I know that you traced the call, if I don't get my answer after one hour consider your father dead "

he was out, and tiers started pouring from my eyes .
" where is he ? " I asked pulling my hands out of Ezras warm ones and I felt the cold immediately.

" no your not going " Ezra said standing now in front of me .

"I have too , and you are going to save me "

I said then left out after Louise telling me were that asshole was.
It took me half an hour too arrive at that place .

I switched off my car and went inside in a hurry worried if something happened to my father

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I switched off my car and went inside in a hurry worried if something happened to my father .
" DAD " I shouted .

I went into the living room and saw Ely sitting on a couch that was facing one of the windows and a gun was resting on his lap .

" where's my dad Ely" I said calmly.

" hello love "

" don't you dare say that word to me, you repulse me " I spat at him in fury .

" you wound me LOVE "

I growled.

" well follow me to your father " Ely said standing up from his couch and walked to the door that was on the corner of the room putting his gun in the back of his pants, and I followed him but soon enough he stopped and turned to face me palm wide open.

" your gun "

" fuck you " I said handing him my gun and making him smile, then we continued on walking until we arrived to a room that was dark with nothing but a chair in the middle and my dad was sitting on it head down making his hair fall all over his beautiful face .

" dad " I ran up to him holding his face in my hands lifting it up .
" oh my god " I whispered breathless, his face was smeared with blood.

" what the FUCK is wrong with you "  I screamed at Ely .

" cup-cake.. it's a trap " my dad whispered and my eyes grew wide and I looked back at a furious Ely .

" YOU ARE WHATS WRONG WITH ME" pulling his gun out and aiming it on us and everything went numb I didn't know what I had to do, I couldn't do anything without getting shot or my father .
" run " my dad whispered but it was to late, I heard the gun fire and a bullet passed my eyes so swiftly and made its way to my fathers forehead, and all the lite in his eyes was gone . It disappeared.

I didn't hear my self screaming my ears were shut it was like I was deaf, and I screamed and screamed seeing my father laying between my  arms lifeless.

No, this can't be happening.. not again . Not like this .

Tears poured endlessly from my eyes as I looked at Ely with hate and disgust.

" I will never.. not ever forgive you. And I will kill you " thats all I said as a striking pain made its was to my shoulder sending me to darkness.

Ezra was the last name I thought of .

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