''you two are soo cute, I think everyone wants to see you two kiss...'' She said, and I got a heart attack. 


''Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss'' The crowd were shouting. 

Ohh God. 

It will NOT end well.

I didn't know what to do..I looked at Ronnie and he nodded his head, giving me a sign, to kiss Jai. I looked at Jai and he grabbed my face in his hands, and softly pressed his lips into mine. And it was magical. 

At that moment, I wanted that everything that was fake and all this act would be real.

Everyone started to cheer for us, and clap their hands. Wooow. That was The Best Kiss I have ever had in my entire life..and it was with Jai...Guy that I suppose to hate. 

''Awww aren't they the most cutest couple ?'' The woman said .

''So tell me..how long are you dating?''

''One month''I said at the same time as Jai said ''Two months''.  I looked at him, and gave him a death stare. 

What an idiot. 

''1 and a half months'' Luke quickly said , helping us. I looked at him,  gave him a smile, and mouthed ''Thank You'' . 


''So I heard you guys going to a little trip to Europe?''

''Yeah we are, we really looking forward to that, and seeing our fans, also we're gonna film our new video there as well '' Beau said and everyone agreed. Everyone were soo sleepy, I even though they're gonna fall asleep any minute. Jai had his head on my shoulder, almost sleeping, and I tired to hold my laughter. 

''Someone didn't have enough of sleep last night..''She said winking at me, and thinking that..me..and...Jai..you know..Dirty Minded Biotch. 

''Well have fun in Europe. So I know that you love to do dares and challenges, so I have some for you. You'll have to do them in pairs.After two weeks, you'll come back here and you'll have to do them.  So James and Luke you will have to perform one of the  Titanic scenes. Daniel and Beau you will have to bake a cake and bring it after two weeks. And Finally our love birds, Jai and Alexis you will have to learn how to dance tango and show it to us the next time I'll see you. Good Luck. '' She said . 


Now we're at my house...in my lounge room....talking about this morning. 

''So do you wanna tell me, what happened here? Why are you pregnant? '' James said and yawned. 

''Look..go to sleep,tomorrow we're travelling to Europe, have some rest cause you're gonna fall asleep any minute, okay, and we'll  talk about it....later.''I said with an innocent face.

''...-Yawn- Fine.'' He said and went upstairs. 

I was surprised that he didn't shout. Cause I would.

In that time, I packed my bags, and everything I will need.


I know ..I know it's very short,and not interesting , but it's just I'm really tired and I'm getting ready for my exams. I will update on Sunday and I promise it will be longer . I'm sooo soo sorry . And Thank you for your support, and 3000 read !!! Thank You !!! xxx 

Love you all beautiful xxx <3 

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