Author note

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So I'm not really sure if anyone like the book so far or not. I don't want to be one of those people who just do a few parts and stop but I need feedback. I need to know what direction I should take this book.

Do I need to just stop it all together or should I continue?
I would like anyone who would like to  share their thoughts with me to do so....or I may just stop because it doesn't look to me that I'm doing all enough to take in the best direction for the readers. I want the readers to feel just as much involved in the book as the writer. It's so many books I've read in my life where I felt the author just wrote to fill the page and I don't want that to be my book...our book. I want to know what way you want this book to go. I'll look over you opinions and go from there. This is a book I started be WE are going to finish it.

Thank You

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