Chapter 21

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- Sky's POV -

I can't remember anything from yesterday. The last thing i remember is talking to Matt outside. I can't remember what about though.

There's a knock on the door.
"Hello?" I croak
"Sky?" The door creaks open and Shawn creeps into the room "Hey Sky"
"Hey Shawn" I smile
"How do you feel?" He says sitting down next to me, I sit up more in bed.
"A little sore" I say holding up my wrists "And a lot hungry"
"I'll get you something" He says standing up
"Did Taylor see me? Like that?" He doesn't reply, he just nods "Oh god"
"I'll be back in a minute, want me to get Taylor? I nod and he walks out.

Minutes later Taylor arrives by my side, his eyes and nose are red and he looks exhausted.
"Taylor" I say, he hugs me tightly and holds my hand lightly whilst we talk.
"Sky, I thought I'd lost you"
"I'm so sorry Taylor"
"I wouldn't have been able to survive without you. You're my world! My whole entire world! Everything i do revolves around you. You mean the absolute world to me, I would not be the person I am today without you. Never leave me again?"
"Of course I won't Taylor. I love you" I mean it but he doesn't see it the way I do.
"I love you too Sky" he takes a deep breath " I have to tell you something"
"I have a girlfriend, her name is Mia" With those words I feel my whole world crash around me. I knew I liked him but I never thought I liked him this much. "Sky, you look like you're about to cry?" I shake my head
"No, I'm really happy for you Tay"
"Yeah, she makes me really happy" Speaking of boyfriends and girlfriends, where's Hayes? and how is he coping? As i ask myself this, Shawn comes back in carrying an array of different snacks.

"I got one of everything" He explains
"Yeah I can tell" I laugh and take a packet of crisps from him. I eat them very quickly and then move onto a pack of oreos. "Guys, do you know when I'm allowed out?" I pause "Oh no, they won't have told you anything seeing as you're not related to me"
"I may have told them that I'm your brother" Shawn answers
"You rebellious child!" We all laugh
"You'll be able to leave later today"
"Really? What else did they say?" Taylor asks reading my mind
"The reason you passed out was because of blood loss and starvation"
"That seems.. understanable" I say hoping someone will change the subject
"Why did you do it Sky?" Taylor asks. Damn it, of course they wouldn't just drop it, I could have died.
"Honestly? I don't know?"

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