Chapter:5 ~ Amused & Annoyed (Part I)

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Ariana's POV:

~~ It is the first time my family is taking me to their business party. My dad has always been disappointed with me, my marks never satisfied him. He wanted me to learn business but I chose science against his will. He always wanted me to be like his son, my brother, Joseph (Joey). My mom was always busy with her work and her friends (always). She was annoyed with my introvert nature and my fashion sense but she was proud of my performance in studies. She used to brag about my degrees and achievements to all her friends. Thinking about my brother, Joseph, he was two years older than me. He was totally a playboy but unlike others, he loved me the most. He used to call me 'Koala' because I looked like one in childhood. My parents never liked Matt and Emily, they used to think of them as gold diggers. Bullshit!

Joey liked them a lot especially Emily but stayed aside because he knows about the relationship of Matt and Emily. When Mom and Dad used to compare me with him he used to make fun of me every time. But after every conversation, he was there to make me laugh by cracking jokes on our own parents.

'Mr. William's son, Xavier has a good personality and you will surely like him.', Mom said.

Yeah, I know they brought me here because they want me to get married to the son of their business partner. I refused them and ask to marry the person I will fall in love. But they ended laughing on their jumping asses saying I will never find one. Alas! That's true somewhere, everywhere.

'Mom, please relax. Don't make me nervous.', I said annoyed. I am listening about him from last month and especially how our business partnership will turn into a never-ending good relationship.

'Hello, Peter.', Someone called my father from behind.

Everyone greeted each other. Until I felt myself an outcast. The person or definitely Xavier's father looked at me with a smile.

'Hello, Ariana.', He said.

'Hello, Sir.', I gathered myself from my thoughts to look at him.

'I think you must be waiting to meet my son, Xavier', He teased. I felt my face turned red due to the embarrassment.

'Umm... No, I just...', I tried to make some sentence with no sense.

'She is always this shy, Robert.', My mom added some words to make me more embarrassed.

Before I could think of something, Mr. Robert Williams pointed behind me saying 'Look, Xavier is here.'

'Hii, Dad.', He greeted from behind. His voice made my heart pump five litres extra blood in my Aorta.

'Oh, nice timing my son.', Mr. Williams replied. Yeah, sure it is a nice timing to see a girl dying in between this crowded place due to embarrassment.

He comes to my front giving me a good glance at his face. Good, something stopped working called heart, lungs and brain. He is so handsome. Are they blind? They want me to marry this person who is standing in front of me. He is strikingly handsome. Everyone is looking in his direction especially those goddess looking beautiful bitches! Yeah, I am jealous.

'Nice meeting you, Mr. and Mrs. Jones.', He greeted my parents.

They finally greeted each other. He is a good friend of my brother. They are of the same age, 28.

Should I say something? No, just relax. It's just that everyone knows each other and I am the one who is here for the first time.

'Hii... Ariana.', He says. I looked into his eyes. Every eye is focused on us.

'Hii.', I finally said. I looked down, I was unable to concentrate my mind looking in his dark chocolate brown eyes which somehow look black.

'I think we should give them some time, alone.', Joey says.

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