Hang out

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Lucy's doorbell gets more and more annoying each time I have to ring it.

Seriously, if I lived here, I would probably camp by the door just so I wouldn't have to hear it ring even once.

"Hey Brandon" Levi stands leaning on the open door and I can't help but notice that his jeans are hanging low on his hips.

I only noticed because his chest is bare as well and it is a very defined road map to follow down.

"Hey Levi. Is Lucy home?" I ask quickly averting my eyes back to his hazel ones.

Why is it he never seems to be wearing a shirt?

"Nah, man. She went shopping with our mom." He straightens up, before looking behind him and back at me.

I'm at least eighty percent sure that she had asked me to hang out today. I remember it was right after laser tag and I was still a little flustered over Miles.


I guess it isn't entirely impossible that I missed what she said and just went with what I heard.

I didn't want to have her repeat herself because she would have known I wasn't listening and she would have asked why. 

That was a question I didn't have an answer to.

"Do you want to wait?" the offer surprised me and even more, I was considering it.

I didn't have anything else to do and going back home to my parents getting ready for their date thing didn't sound appealing.

But I think it might be weird.

"It's cool. I'll catch her later." I start to turn around, but his voice stops me.

"Scared I'll kick your ass at C.O.D?" I know he is teasing, but I never turn down from a challenge.

I don't know where I get it from, but it is a strong force in me that demands me to accept.

"I'm scared you'll hate me after I school you." I tease back, walking pass him into the living room. 

"I've been playing since you were in diapers, kid. Want something to drink?" he heads into the kitchen, while I sit on the couch.

I'm sure that Lucy just went to the grocery store or something for a few things, so it won't be weird if I hang around for a few minutes.

Besides, I am a beast when it comes to C.O.D and he threw the challenge.

"Here" Levi tosses a controller at me, before placing a Pepsi on the coffee table in front of me.

We start setting up our guns and I can't help but realize how close we are sitting to each other.

Did they own the worlds smallest couch or what? Seriously, who has two seat couches still?

"Team death match? Or I think this one has some zombie levels?" He asks as the game begins to load.

I just shrug my shoulders and follow whatever he chooses.

I am only here until Lucy gets home anyway.

Levi and I were barely two minutes into the death match when the competitiveness began to show. We both sat at the edge of the couch, not caring that our knees are now touching.

 Every time I turned to give him a smug smile, I ended up looking for longer than necessary.

It was easy to get distracted by the fact he still wasn't wearing a shirt. Not to mention he looked kind of cute with his face all scrunched in concentration and the ticking of his jaw.

"Son of a Bitch - I shot that guy!" Levi jumped to his feet, startling me from my thoughts.

I look at the television, not really seeing anything. I was more lost in my own world wondering why I was checking Levi out.

He's my fake girlfriends brother! But it's okay to look though right? Just like with Miles, there is no harm in admiring from a far.

Besides, it's not like I have feelings for the guy, I can just appreciate a fine work of art.

"Brandon, tell me you saw me shoot that guy!?" He stares at the guilty look on my face.

I literally saw everything else but his kill.

I saw the muscles flex as he moved. I saw the way his eyes lit up with every kill or rolled with every death.

"Sounds like you're just a sore loser." I tease setting my controller back on the coffee table.

I didn't realize how much time had passed, but I should be getting back home to babysit Max.

I stand and stretch out my arms. I can hear the cracks and pops of my bones. It's painful, but in a good type of way.

I turned to the side quick to crack my back. I take a quick glance at Levi who is still on the couch, before twisting to the other side.


Is Levi staring at my stomach where my shirt rode up?

I turn back quickly but his eyes are diverted to the ground as he tosses his controller on the table to.

"Sorry about Lucy. I didn't think she would be this long." His hand runs through his hair as he stands, and I would be lying if I said my eyes didn't follow the movement.

"No big deal. I just gotta get home to watch my kid brother." I glance at my phone to check the time and sure enough it's close to when I had said I'd be home.

Levi nods his head, but his eyes seem far away in thought. I move to walk past him, but he snaps out of whatever that was and looks at me.

"This was fun. Thanks for hanging with me. Lucy is never up for C.O.D games." I can't help but laugh at that.

Lucy doesn't strike me as a video game person, so I'm not surprised she is never up to play. I kind of feel bad for Levi now. I mean, I have a little brother who is always up for video games, but he has a sister.

Not that there is anything wrong with sisters, I just don't imagine it's the same as having a little brother. Maybe it could have been when they were younger. I know girls who would play in the mud and wrestle when they were younger, but now they don't like to do that stuff.

"If you want you can come play video games with me and my brother tonight?" The words spill out of my mouth before I can stop them.

I can feel my cheeks heating up in embarrassment. I barely know him, literally this is my second time meeting him and I am inviting him over to my house?

What the frick is wrong with me?

Well, there's a question that will take a while.

As the seconds tick by, I get more nervous. If I'm lucky, he didn't hear me and I will just be that weird kid that hung out in his house for too long.

But, I'm not lucky.

"Sure. Sounds cool" He digs his phone out of his pocket, handing it to him to put my number in.

I quickly type it in and leave, not wanting to over stay my welcome. I honestly don't know if I expected him to say yes or not. But now that he has, I am oddly excited about it.

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