YuGiOh Shipping's

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Inu: welcome this is every shipping for Yu-Gi-Oh i could find note i own noting absolutely nothing i did this to help people because i know some people are looking for certain shipping's so i spent hours looking for as many as i could find sorry if i missed some but i honestly dont think i did The Japanese Character Names Were Used and so here it the list.

This just had origonal Yu-Gi-Oh because I am not a fan of the new Yu-Gi-Oh stuff sorry.


Yu-Gi-Oh Shipping's

Abandonshipping (Gozaburo x Noa x Mokuba)

Admireshipping (Kotsuzaka x Mokuba)

Adoptshipping (Gozaburo x Seto)

Airshipping (Thief King Bakura x Priest Shaada)

Akinshipping (Sugoroku x Ryouta)

Amethystshipping (Yugi x Heba)

Amoshipping (Katsuya x Mai x Shizuka)

Anagramshipping (Priest Karimu x Malik)

Analogshipping (Hiroto x Ryou x Anzu)

Angstshipping (Malik x Ryou)

Annoyshipping (Seto x Katsuya x Noa)

Anruishipping (Shaadi x Yuugi)

Antagoshipping (Yami no Bakura x Seto)

Apocalypshipping (Yami no Malik x Seto x Isis)

Apparishipping (Roba x Kotsuzaka)

Apprenticeshipping (Mahaado x Mana)

Aptshipping (Hiroto x Isis)

Aquaintanceshipping (Hiroto x Roba)

Archaicshipping (Pharaoh Atem x Priest Set x Thief King Bakura)

Ardentshipping (Hiroto x Shizuka)

Argenshipping (Pegasus x Ryou)

Aromashipping (Ryouta x Hiroto x Katsuya)

Arrogantshipping (Seto x Mai)

Ateloshipping (Keith x Pegasus)

Attachshipping (Kisara x Mokuba)

Atticshipping (Ryou x Mana)

Avishipping (Yami no Yuugi x Isis)

Awareshipping (Ryuuji x Malik x Ryou)

Aweshipping (Priest Mahaado x Isis)

Axisshipping (Seto x Siegfried)

Azureshipping (Seto x Anzu)

Babbleshipping (Katsuya x Kisara)

Bakushipping (Thief King Bakura x Yami no Bakura x Ryou)

Balanceshipping (Shaadi x Isis x Ryou)

Balladshipping (Ryouta x Ryou x Shizuka)

Bananashipping (Hiroto x Malik)

Bandageshipping (Yami no Bakura x Ryou x Shizuka)

Barbecueshipping (Hiroto x Ryouta)

Barrenshipping (Pegasus x Cadeline)

Barriershipping (Seto x Yami no Yuugi x Noa)

Barshipping (Keith x Katsuya x Hiroto x Yuugi)

Batteryshipping (Katsuya x Yami no Bakura x Ryou)

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