Chapter thirteen: training

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Guys im at my audition today! Chapter may be short!😄😍


Jessie's pov~

There we stood outside in the garden. The green glass sways as a cool breeze blows by. There are large trees scattered around the garden providing shade from the hot sun. Rose bushes hid in the shade on the sides of the trees.

In the distance I could hear the rushing of water from the nearby stream.

Suddenly an arrow flies near my face. Quick to move, I dodged to the left and the arrow lightly nicks my right cheek. I could feel a small stream of blood flow down to my chin.

"Always stay alert of your surroundings. You never know where the enemy hides!"

I look up in the tree to my right and see Cara aiming three arrows at my head. I tense my feathers and bring my right wing forward as a shield. The arrows bounce off my wing and hits the ground. "Alright guys. My turn."

I turn around to see Shane standing under a tree. "Oh come on! We just got started!" Kai and Dean whined like two five year olds. "Its been a total of three hours thirty-five minutes and 30 seconds.." Shane said with a blank face. This guy shows no emotion at all...

"Shane is right guys! Lets give him his hour of training!" Aurora calls out from a nearby tree. "Aw! Okay your turn-" Kai was cut off by a scream of pain.

We glance over at Dean. He fell...into a thorn bush.."What the hell Dean?!" Shane exclaimed with a worried look plastered on his face. Well...he does show emotion..

"Hahaha! H-how d-d-did you fall in t-the th-thorn bush?!" Kai asked while he gasped for air from laughing so hard. Shane and Aurora ran over to help Dean get up and out of the thorn bush. "We have to pull you out okay Dean?" Aurora said and gripped on his hand.

"W-WHAT?! WAIT DO- AHH!!" Dean screeched in pain as Shane and Aurora ripped him out of the bush. Some of the feathers from his wings getting ripped out in the process. I winced at that. He had multiple wounds gushing blood. I ran over to them.

"Dean! Hay, you okay?" Shane said with a worried wide eyes. Shane held Dean in his arms while he sat on the ground. I knelt down in front of him holding out my arms. He looked confused and held Dean tighter in his arms.

"I can heal him." was all I had to say. Shane hesitated but passed Dean over to me. I held Dean close and wrapped my wings around us. The others watched in awe as the inside of my wings turned gold. Deans wounds healed only leaving small tracesses of scars. Shane sighed in relief as I gave Dean back to him.

"They would make a good otp.."

*what the hell?! What was that?!*

"Your wolf..."

*what? Your my wolf?*



For those who don't know what Otp means
It stands for 'one true pairing.'
Something that only a shipper would know about. ;-)
Anywho! So this is really short because im at a bsa (Baltimore school of the arts) for an audition!

So gotta go!


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