Preference #1

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{how you met}

You were at a stranger things meet up, you went up to take a picture with him he thought your beauty was absolutely breathtaking and he gave you his number and Hallelujah

You tagged him in a meme on Twitter he saw it and thought it was absolutely funny he DM you and thus a beautiful friendship was born

You are at a skatepark with your friends and Jack so happen to be there. You caught him staring at you and you being your bold self walked up to him and gave him your number

You are at the movie theaters with your friends. They filled up a whole row leaving you with no where to sit. So you sat at the top by yourself until a cute guy about your age sat beside you. You introduce yourself as he did the same thing and you two ended up just ditching the movie to go get ice cream.

You we're at gay pride with your cousin since you were bi/gay/pan etc when you spotted a cute redhead staring at you. She walked up to you and you two ended up spending the whole day together doing activities at Pride and than by the end of the day you guys finally exchange numbers.

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