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❛ You know that kiss we had? Yeah, I liked it

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❛ You know that kiss we had? Yeah, I liked it. I really liked it. ❜


Billy grunted as he harshly pressed his foot against the pedal, making it stop on brake. After a few seconds, he started to drive again but this time, he drove even faster.

While he was driving, he saw four bikers who were kids. He also saw a ginger, which was the same as his step-sister's hair color, sitting behind the person who was biking. Not surprisingly, it was his step-sister. He drove really fast to catch up to them to only and only scold his step-sister.


The four rode their bikes down the road straight to Mike's house. Max assumed that Billy was looking for her, as if this happened every time she wasn't waiting for him at school. Only the other time, Billy was too busy to pick her up (doing God knows what) so her mother allowed her to ride her skateboard home.

"Uh, guys," Will stumbled on his bike, starting to head for the grass. The other boys cocked their heads towards him.

"Will, what are you doing?"


Will was pointing to a car. A car that was driving so fast that it was over the speed-limit. The boys hurriedly got off their bikes, as well as Max, and ran over to the grass. They soon realized the car was stopping right beside them.

"Max, get your butt in the car." Billy said as he threw a cigarette out the window. Max shook her head no.

"Maxine, I'm not playing with you. Get in this car." Billy said it with only more demand in his tone. Max was so scared that she had intertwined her hands with Mike, even though he knew she did it, he didn't say anything about it. Billy huffed and got out the car.

He went straight towards Max, harshly grabbing her arm.

"Get your hands off of her!"

Billy turned around and faced Mike, who had immediately regretted talking. He let go of Max and lifted Mike to a tree, the same thing he did with Lucas in the past. Billy started to choke him and Mike tried to get out of his grasp.

Lucas and Dustin was trying to pry Billy off of Mike while Will was screaming at him. Max rosed up in anger and kicked him in between his legs.

Billy was lost of breath, letting Mike go. He immediately ran to Max and hugged her tight. Billy had slowly walked to his car due to the pain given to his area. He had given up. This time, Max won the battle.

Billy had driven off and the others had sighed in relief whilst Mike and Max were still hugging. As soon as Max let go, Mike attached his lips to Max. He had did it so suddenly, she couldn't react but to kiss him back.

The two had stopped kissing to take a breather. They both turned to the others who had their eyes wide the whole time.

They all started to laugh, hopping back on their bikes again and pretending the fight didn't happen.


Mike decided to walk Max home, so he can "protect" her. Max and Mike had started to get close this day. Ever since the kiss, they have been talking non-stop. They finally arrived to her house, which was the saddest part of the night.

"Hey... you know that kiss we had? Yeah, I liked it. I really liked it." Max said as she started to blush. She never felt this way when she was dating Lucas. Sure, it was an amazing relationship and they were practically meant for each other but they thought it was better off as friends.

"Oh, you did? Well, I'm pretty shocked you said that.. but I enjoyed it, too."

"You're shocked? Seriously, I'm surprised."

"Ha. Ha. Very funny. Anyways, get inside, it's getting pretty late."

"Okay, Wheeler."

"Okay, Mayfield."

Ok, I'm sorry for this but...

Something is going to happen between them two...

And it ain't gonna be good..

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