Chapter 20

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- Shawn's POV -

We pull up outside the hospital to see Amy stood waiting for us. She looks freezing, she's only wearing a vest and her pyjama shorts, no wonder she's cold. She must have been there for ages- we got a bit lost.

We hurry to her. No one offers her a jacket or anything, so me being the gentleman I am, I offer her my sweatshirt. I'm from Canada after all, I don't feel the cold as much.

We wait in the waiting room for hours and hours. I look at my phone. 5am. Everyone is asleep at the minute. All except me that is. I can't take this anymore, I have to find someone, I need information.

I get up and walk to the front desk. I tap on the desk trying to get the receptionist's attention- she's half asleep, I can't say I blame her, it is 5am after all.
"Hello?" I say quietly. She jumps to life and rubs her eyes, slightly smudging her mascara.
"Er hi, sorry about that" she smiles. She kind of reminds me of Amy, she's blonde, she's skinny, she's quite pretty. Not as pretty as Amy though. Shawn don't go there again, you almost became a father. You're lucky she got beaten up so it didn't survive. That was mean, sorry Amy. Shawn you realise that she cant hear you?
"It's fine, I was wondering if you had any information about Skylar Potter's state?" I ask. She types on her computer for a few seconds, takes a sip from her mug and then looks back up to me.
"I'm afraid we can only give out information to family members." Shit. Her dad is away, he's the only family member in this whole state and he's not even in the state right now.
"I'm her" I pause "Brother" I hope she bought that.
"Oh I'm so sorry mr Potter" she types on her computer once again
"Call me Shawn"
"Well, Shawn, I'm happy to tell you that Sky should be fine in a few days"
"How many days exactly?"
"She should be free to go later today"
"Really? That's amazing! So what was wrong?"
"Obviously she did self harm, those cuts have been stitched up"
"But why did she pass out?"
"Due to a lot of blood loss and starvation"
"She hadn't eaten properly in 24 hours"
"Oh god"
"Don't worry, she's fine now, you can go and see her"
"Yeah room 314"
"Thank you so much"

This is amazing, she's going to be fine. Phew. I better go see her.

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