Little Pet

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A/N I feel bad for like never updating this account so here have a teaser thing of something I'm working on c:

His eyes gazed deeply into hers as she spoke, his left hand extending to brush against her left cheek in a gesture that almost seemed comforting. His flesh was surprisingly warm against her own despite the fact the icy chill of the dark mist had now engulfed her lowerbody. "My my, look at you. You're positively trembling. Are you cold..?" Despite the deep purr of his voice each word held an icy chill that seemed to give cause for alarm despite his comforting touch. If she were to try to pull back however she would find that walking through the mist was like walking through thick mud. She whimpered softly as she felt herself trapped. She turned her head away from his touch, only exposing her neck and chest to him. His tone made her body feel even weaker. He was attractive, sure. But a stranger, and she would not let him control her body this easily. She reached into her black stockings, taking out her knife and holding against his throat, her hand still trembling slightly as she turns her head back to glare at him. His hand slowly slid down the side of her neck as she turned her head, the icy chill of the mist steadily growing warmer. The sudden movement of her hand caught him by surprise however, coaxing a soft, deep laugh to escape his throat as he tilted his head down to allow the blade to sink slowly into the flesh of his throat, the wound drawing a slow stream of bright, glittering sanguine that leaks over the blade and caused a thick, heady scent to fill the air. It seemed almost intoxicating and would, if she wanted it to or not, cause a distinct dampness to spread over her panties. "Aren't we a feisty one... Why don't you just relax?" As if in tandem to the scent his eyes seem to grow wider and deeper as they gazed into hers, slowly sapping the strength from her arms. She squirms feeling her growing wetness she closes her legs tightly, hoping he won't smell her excitement. Her arm trembles more until she drops it, the knife falling to the floor leaving her unarmed. "What do you want from me..?" She whispered, her body feeling weaker, as if she might pass out and collapse to the floor. Her panties growing more wet the longer she inhales the thick aroma of his scent. Her wetness slowly fills the air with her thick musk as he leaned in once again to slowly graze his teeth against her left earlobe, the scent of his 'blood' only growing stronger this close, meaning that when his right hand lowers to graze his fingers first against her lower stomach, and then down her pants to brush against the soft mounds of her sex, they come back completely soaked, Her fluids slowly dripping down his hand as he places his fingers infront of Her lips. "Lick. If you obey I won't test your blades sharpness with your own throat. She let out a quiet purr as she felt his teeth on her. Bringing her lower lip between her teeth to stop herself moaning when he touches her. Too dazed by the pleasure to even register his words as a threat she opened her mouth, a strange urge to please and obey him taking over her body and her mind. Killing any thoughts of sensibility. Content for the moment with her obedience three of his fingers slip inside her mouth, resting against her tongue and allowing the light stream of her fluids to trail off his fingers and down her throat. Whilst he leaves his hand there his head tilts down to allow his teeth to trail down the side of her neck in small biting kisses that leave faint red marks against her delicate flesh. Even before his free hand lowers to trail slowly down her outer thigh the mist had begun to rise, seeming almost uncomfortable hot against her back as it does so. It stops suddenly at some point above her head, but not before the odd substance had succesfully 'melted' off the back of Her clothes, leaving the torn garments to fall to the ground and leave Her body bare to the world. She sucked on his fingers with almost professional skill. Her tongue swirling over his fingers and sucking her juices off. She didn't notice her nakedness at first but when she did she pulled away from his -now clean and juice free- fingers and pushed him away, kneeling on the ground, pulling her knees up to her chest to cover herself. "What happened to my clothes?!" She yelled, her fangs extended and showing as she growled at him, fighting off the tingling between her legs and the fuzzyness in her head that told her to simply shut up and obey him and the deeper desire to feel his fingers on her, tugging her hair to the side, exposing her soft flesh to him. And to feel his skin beneath her run then over his chest, feeling his breath hitch in his throat as she pleasured him. It took every bit of restraint she had to not just give herself to him. When she pull away his teeth tear into her flesh, leaving an accidental cut that ran along the middle of her neck for just under an inch and leaked a small trail of sanguine liquid down her neck. Before answering her he raises his hand to his lips to experimentally trail his tongue over his now clean fingers, tasting traces of her juices and saliva. Seeming pleased with what he tasted he takes a step forward back towards her, the almost-hot mist swirling away from his frame in small arcs that both leave his manhood on full display, standing proudly at just over sixteen inches each were three, four inch thick shafts that throbbed idly with his calm heartbeat and simultaniously find purchase over her ankles, lower thighs and wrists. Feeling for all intensive purposes like heated, velvet ropes they pinned her hands to the ground behind her back and her knees to the ground at a wide V to her waist, leaving youe dripping pussy on full display, her feet were held under her ass, keeping her in a kneeling position. He simply stayed standing within reach of her, the tips of his cocks above her head height but close enough thst when a drop of precum drops down from one it lands just infront of her pussy, the thick scent of his arousal just as intoxicating as his blood and slowly filling the area with a heady scent that once again causes her pussy to begin wettening further. "Did you expect to keep them on?"

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