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"Hoseok is Taehyung's best friend!"

Jin shrugged his shoulders, unbothered looking as he sipped once more his tea.

"Listen, you've made the mistake you should be willing to face the consequences for it."

"He can't and won't kill you, cut it out."

Jungkook couldn't argue with that, the older male scrolls through the contacts on his phone and the other heaves a sigh. Why did he have to fuck up so bad?

"Half boyfriend?"

Jungkook slapped his forehead, the realisation of how much he had actually fucked up daunted upon him. Taehyung would surely send him off, this wasn't going to work.


The male looks up from his phone as it's ringing, eyebrows furrowed he waits expectantly not realising that Hoseok had answered the call and was now repeatedly yelling hello while both males were obliviously unaware.

"It's not going to work, just cut the call. It's better if I just accept I've fucked up and there's no going back."

Jin curses under his breath, standing up from his chair he slowly strides toward Jungkook.

"I'm telling you, I know you're a good boy for Taehyung-"

Hoseok holds his phone to his ear, listening attentively as he hears his friend's name.

"-you've had the most reckless and messed up life but that doesn't mean you just fucking give up!"

"Jin. No." Jungkook tugs at his own hair in a strangely punishing manner, his pale pink lips folded between his pearly teeth.

He turns to leave, his shoulders slumped, footsteps dragging painfully slow down the hallway.


Hoseok almost drops his phone, he knew it was him but it was still alarming to hear this feud.

Jin sighs in defeat as the sound of his front door slams shut in a harsh movement.


The male screeches as he hears Hoseok's voice screaming through his speaker. He raises his phone to his ear, grinning.

"I pledge to help you smack some sense into him."

"We are going to Taehyung's house, meet me there in fact he needs a good smacking too-"

Jin holds back his smile as he hears Hoseok's voice.

"Oh, why hello to you too Hoseok."

"Thank you."

Yoongi nods, he had walked Taehyung home the whole duration both boys held hands and now he felt reluctant to let go.

"I-I'm sorry."

"For what?" Yoongi frowns, he had a feeling it was about the kiss or maybe he was leading him on or-

Taehyung kisses his cheek, pulling away from him slowly, his face flushed as he fiddles with his fingers, eyes glued to the ground below him.

"Thank you, really."

His voice was a mere whisper though it held it's sincerity. Taehyung steps away from the mint-haired male walking towards his house with a guilty conscience because he knew that he had just dug a hole deeper for the both of them.

Was there any going back?

Yoongi touches his cheek, his fingers brush against the place where the boy had kissed him and he smiles so idiotically bright.

At this point, he didn't care, didn't care what he had to overcome. Just to get to Kim Taehyung was enough for him and his stupid selfish heart.

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