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"I hesitated."

"You hesitated at the wrong time." Jin shakes his head, gently sipping his cup of tea, he lifts his head up to glare at Jungkook.

Jungkook fumbled with his fingers, nodding, of course, he knew of his stupidity. He really liked Taehyung. How could he so utterly dismiss the others feelings? This was him being selfish.

"You know. Jungkook." The older dark-haired male lets out a long sigh, placing his pretty teacup on the small round table that sat between them.

His eyes clouded with slight anger, he holds Jungkook's gaze, for what felt like years.

"Who's to say he can't find someone better?"

Jungkook's heart ached at the thought, he knew he was no better or no good at all for Taehyung, yet he was crooked enough to think the boy was his.

"Who's to say he isn't with someone else right now?" Jin's voice rang almost dauntingly through Jungkook's ears, it's true he had surely fucked up this time.

Jin continued, his voice tightening a little as he recalls a moment from his past.

"This hesitation does you no good."

The males orbs became glassy as he sips his tea once more, his grip on the handle tightening ever so slightly.

"You'll lose people you value."

"You won't know the value of someone till you lose them."

Jungkook listens tentatively, his ears perked lips twisted into a frown although the subtle scent of matcha tea gave him a little comfort, that was the only thing keeping him from snapping.

"This boy. You tell me makes your heart flutter, the mere thought of him gets you into some frenzy."

"That's more than just some mere liking, you tell me he makes your heart melt

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"That's more than just some mere liking, you tell me he makes your heart melt."

"Put two and two together, idiot."

The older male's eyes sparkle with amusement, though he was an understatement of pissed he found it adorable that the younger could become so flustered.

Jungkook nods, his cheeks a tinge of pink. Oh, it was highly entertaining to see a boy who seemed so intimidating blush, Jin almost cackled.

"Look. Frankly, I don't know why your stupid ass is still here."

Jungkook glances at Jin helplessly, he hadn't ever felt like this what was he supposed to do?

"What do I-"


Jungkook pretty much falls off of his chair, his hands fumbling to find his car keys in his pocket. A large idiotic smile on his face as he ran down the hallways of Jin's home towards the door.


Jungkook paused, rolling his eyes he jogged back into the living room, cheeks flushed as he panted lightly.

"Do you even know where he lives?" Jin giggles sheepishly as he watched the youngers face fall.

"Don't worry, I have someone who might know." Jin smiles almost sinisterly, tipping his teacup forth he sips at it while his gaze pierces through the other.

"Though, you'll have a shit load of explaining to do."

"Who is it."

Jin snorted his eyes alight.

"Jung Hoseok."


"Towel?" Yoongi shoves the said cloth in the younger boy's face, who accepted it thanking him quietly as he quickly dried off his body.

Let's say, things had gotten awkward. Very. Awkward. I mean Taehyung wasn't the one to be bold or make irrational decisions, but today was different. Reckless, he was acting recklessly.

After the kiss they had just swum around, floating about for hours trying not to overthink, but that was exactly what was happening.

"Taehyung. As I said no overthinking, we kissed and that's that." Yoongi's throat tightened as he forced out his next words.

"Nothing more. It was nothing more for you to think of."

The brunette frowned but nodded nonetheless not wanting to spoil such a thrillingly reckless time.

"Damn, the suns up," Taehyung spoke, his eyes sparkled with awe as he watched the skies turn pinkish and an oval light began to rise up. It was beautiful.

"We stayed here that long?" Yoongi chuckled breathlessly, once again he found that time flew past impossibly fast when he was with the younger. He hated that, he wanted to savor the time with him. Just until it'd get messy at least.

"It's late, we should head back." Taehyung grinned as he looked at the mint-haired male, properly, not thinking about what had happened previously.

"Thank you I-"

"Hush, and let's get out of here before I just kiss you again." Yoongi smiled slyly at the other who immediately turned the shade of scarlet.

"Y-Yeah." Yoongi felt his chest ache slightly though he once again laced his fingers through with the other boy's hand.

"Shall we?"

The brunette nodded, his eyes glued to the ground, it didn't feel right and fuck he was guilty. He shouldn't be, it's not like Jungkook felt the same way.

So his grasp tightened onto Yoongi's hand, and the male was slightly taken back but of course, he wasn't complaining.

Because Kim fucking Taehyung was holding his hand.

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