Butterfly (2)

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"How is it so easy for you to be kind to people?" he asked Milk and honey dripped from his lips as I answered "Cause people have not been kind to me"


Honey Lovegood was never normal. From moment she could speak it was clear that she was different from the other children her age. She spoke soft and dreamy like her mother and had the crazy dance moves and ditzyness of her father. That was never an issue for her parents, since they loved her individuality. When their second daughter Luna, was born they were pleased to find she was the same way. Luna and Honey were everything they could have hoped for, since they instantly became best friends.

Honey liked to Adventure, and that sence of adventure brought her to wonder the woods behind her house. It was not uncommon for her to be out there, but she normally limited herself from going too far. She was seven when she saw a pretty butterfly, and followed it further into the forest and found herself lost. But on the bright side, she had made friends with the butterfly that purched itself on her pale blonde hair that her mother had dutch braided that morning.

She was thinking about how the yellow butterlfy matched her shoes, when she heard someone coming her way. She didn't hide like most children would have, because she could hear that the people coming towards her were young, and maybe they could help her get home. Two identical boys pushed through the trees and stopped when they saw her putting another butterfly in her hair next to the yellow one.

"Oh, Hello." She said in her dreamy voice. "I'm lost."

"Hello Lost, I'm Fred." One of the boys said, making her giggle.

"My name is Honey, not lost. I've just lost my way." She said, jumping up on her tippy toes to catch another butterfly on her finger. Fred was enchanted by her. Even at such young age he couldn't tear his eyes away from her pink stained lips that she was born with. They weren't a normal pink, but a bright, petal pink that almost made it look as though she had on lipstick, but she didn't.

"We can help you find it, or our mum can, I'm George." The other said, pointing in the direction that they came. She nodded happily, and placed the third butterfly in her hair and followed them back. She had five when they made it there.

"How do you make them stay in your hair?" Fred asked her, as George ran inside to find their mom.

"I ask them very nicely." She said, putting one on her finger, and putting it eye level to her. "Can you please stay in Fred's hair?"

She smiled happily as the pink butterfly flew into his bright red hair making him laugh. She was fascinated in the way his freckles moved when he smiled, and was interupted from her staring by their mother coming over to her.

"George tells me you're lost." She said kindly, "and that you've got butterflys. They are very pretty."

"Yes ma'am. I was following the yellow one and went too far." She said, smiling sweetly up at her.

"What is your name sweetheart?" She asked her.

"Honey Harmony Lovegood" She answered confidently.

"You aren't that far from home dear, I'll bring you home." She said to her, straightening up.

She took the butterflys off her head and onto the ground and waved goodbye to the twins before taking Mollys hand and appriating away. Molly arrived at the Lovegood house to find Luna and Xenophilius dancing in the yard happily, and brought Honey towards them.

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