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This is similar to what Red Velvet has their color-codes, but I thought I would share some of my opinions about sr18g to you guys

Comment down your opinions ❤️

Fandom name: I think "Angels" or like "Guardians" kind of fits 🤔

Fandom Color: I think white color fits them with the 'Angel' theme or dark blue 'Moonlight.' It's gives off that blueish type of vibe

This is all if their group is actually called "Moonlight Angels"

Jungyeon - Green💚
Koeun - Red❤️
Hina - Purple💜
Ningning - Yellow💛
Lami - Blue💙

Q: Do you guys like the Korean name or the English one?

Korean - Dalbich Cheonsa
English - Moonlight Angels

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