Chapter 3

Ariel's POV

Oh my god.

Oh my god.

I'm really doing this.

I was kidnapping Cody Simpson.

I gripped his arm tighter as I quickly turned down my street, thinking of a plan quickly in my head as we continue to dash down the sidewalk before I pulled him into my driveway and without taking my grip from him, I pulled him inside.

"IS IT MY ARIEL OR A ROBBER!?" I heard Aunt Pearl's bloody scream from the living room as I passed the room.

"Ariel with a friend," I quickly scream, not knowing if she heard me or not. I stop, causing Cody to run into me.

"What are you doing?" he asked, trying to catch his breath, as so myself. Then the idea quickly hit me. With a smirk on my face, I dragged him upstairs and into my bedroom, shoving him back as I slammed my door shut, making sure I locked it.

"Thanks," Cody starts, placing his hands on his boney hips as he takes in deep breaths. "but I think I've already lost the paparazzi, so I should be going on my way now-"

"No!" I blurt out, blocking the door.

"No?" He says, his dark blond eyebrows creasing.

I inhale deeply, "I-I um, I mean...I'll be right back." I say, grabbing the door nob from behind me before slamming the door shut. My eyes go wide.

I just kidnapped Cody Simpson.

I just kidnapped Cody Simpson.

Oh bloody hell.

I quickly trot downstairs, going to te basement so I could grab some rope. That will work right? Tie him up?

But I just can't keep him in my room for a whole week....

That's when it hit me.

I can take him--us, to the old abandoned beach house just walking distance from my house. It's still in great condition. I've spent many nights with Dani there. But what about Aunt Pearl?

I open the basement door and trot downstairs to the cellar, grabbing the hanging light and quickly searching for one of my dad's ropes in the dimly lite room.

I quickly found one and with a smirk on my face, I heard Aunt Pearl's squeals from upstairs. I shut the light off and dash upstairs, almost tripping from skipping steps. I soon see Cody coming downstairs, obviously scaring Aunt Pearl.

"YOU BROUGHT A BOY HOME! OOH LA L-" Aunt Pearl starts before I interrupt her with a bitter snap of my words.

"We're friends, Aunt Pearl," I blush red. I don't even know this guy!

"Where's my ice cream?" Aunt Pearl starts. I frown before looking over at the very confused Cody Simpson.

"Um, I'll get it Aunt Pearl," I say, still looking at the celebrity in my house. Hoping that he'd stay put, I dashed back into the kitchen where I through the bag with the ice cream inside, taking the tub out and slipping the change in my pocket.

"Er, here," I say, grabbing a spoon and handing her the whole tub. She licks her red lips before opening the tub and digging a spoon full in.

I almost gag, but before I do, I dash back to find Cody Simpson still on the steps.

I exhale before taking his wrist in my hand again, pulling him into the door frame. "Hey, I'm going with--er--Harry, to a friends house." I explain a little to fast than I should have. Maybe I just didn't want to save time for Cody Simpson to speak. "I'll be back soon"