chapter one ; into the woods

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september. 2009

Finn Michael Wolfhard. 

He was definitely the smartest boy at Hawkins Highschool. He always got straight A's, he studied in his spare time, and he had a fascination with science. Ever since he was a young child he had a love for the wonderful world of science, or more specifically, chemistry. 

He was absolutely amazed by chemicals. Some boys collected band posters yet Finn collected periodic tables.  Most of the other students thought Finn was weird for being so interested in his education.

He had a few  friends. His best friend was his cousin, a boy by the name of Noah. Other than that he was pretty much a complete loner. He spent his time studying scientific facts and making hypothesises, not making friends. He didn't mind not having tons of friends. He valued knowledge over a social status. 

Finn's social life didn't get any better when his father was diagnosed with leukemia.  He spent more time inside. He just didn't want to face the outside world.

"I don't know what we're going to do..." The fifty year old man said to his crying wife. Ted Wolfhard was a good man who worked very hard. Even though he worked hard he only made thirty thousand dollars a year. That wasn't nearly enough to be able to pay the bills and his treatments. It was practically a death sentence. 

Finn worried day and night about his father and his future. He knew that after his father died the family wouldn't have any money. His two sisters and mother wouldn't have money for food and clothes. He didn't give a shit about himself, he simply wanted his family to be okay.


Finn, his parents, his older sister, his cousin, his aunt, and his uncle were all sitting in the livingroom. They were having sort of a small family get together. They enjoyed getting together and simply catching up. Enjoying eachother's company.

The television was on and it was on the news channel. A young reporter who looked to be in her twenties walked around a crime scene. There was yellow tape and policemen everywhere. Suddenly, the camera shifted to a table that was piled high with nothing but hundred dollar bills. 

Finn was absolutely amazed. He'd never seen that much money in his entire life. His mouth was practically watering at the gorgeous sight. He gently bit his lip to hold back a smile. 

"Uncle David, have you ever found that much money in a drug bust?" The boy questioned eagerly. 

Finn's uncle, David Harbour, was in the D.E.A. Also known as the Drug Enforcement Agency. He was the head of his precinct and often went out on dangerous missions. 

"It just depends kid. Sometimes it's more and sometime's less. But overall, I'd say that's an average amount for an average meth dealer." The man replied.  Meth. Methanphetomine. Finn instantly knew at least half the chemicals that were used in making the class A drug. He was really an expert on all things chemistry. 

As the family continued to talk and laugh, Finn kept thinking about all the money that was involved in something as simple as mixing some chemicals together. Drug money was easy money. It's the reason people do it.

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