His REGRET (Ch. 5)

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I was put the plate on the sink in my kitchen. I am prepare myself and going outside my house and get inside Taehyung car.
Taehyung : "good morning baby"
Y/n : "good morning oppa"
Taehyung turn on the car machine and start driving...
5 munites later...
We have arrived to our school. Taehyung got out of the car and open the car door of my side.
You : "Thank you oppa"
Taehyung : "your welcome my princess"
I am got out of the car too and i saw many student looking at me and Taehyung being like this. Suddenly i saw Lisa running to us and say...
Lisa : "good morning y/n... Oh... Omo why you are got drive with Tae? Are you guys dating already?"
You and Tae : "yea"
Lisa : "uwaaahhh what a nice couple... Congratulations for you guys..."
You and Tae : "Thank you"
We are going inside the school and went to were class. I and Lisa was sit on were desk. Taehyung still follow me to my classroom for chit chat and laughing together with me and Lisa. Taehyung was being romantic too in that time and caring. Until the bell is rang.
Ring~ Ring ~
Taehyung : "oh? Y/n-ah, take care of yourself and study active okay. Don't sleep in a class and if you not feel well you should tell me and i will take you home. Okay"
You : "oppa, pls, i will not get sick and i will study well. And i will take care of myself. Pls, you are very overprotective to me. By the way, i love you oppa"
Taehyung : "okay i love you too baby"
He left. After that, i feel like someone is glaring at me. And i know that's person. It's Jungkook.

2 hours later...

The lesson has finished. I and Lisa was going to cafeteria and sit with Taehyung and his friend Jimin. Shoot why is Jungkook in here too? Why my school day always like this? I sit beside Taehyung and Lisa sit beside Jimin. Jungkook and eunha is sit in front of me.
Taehyung : "hai baby... How is your study?
You : "it's great oppa... How about yours?
Taehyung : "same..."
Eunha : "uwaahhh are you guys already dating?"
Taehyung : "yeah we are already dating yesterday"

Jungkook POV

WHAT?! So it's true that they already dating. Yeah... Maybe i am wrong. Y/n is not love me again because that time i break her up. But when we are still couple, she never call me oppa. Huuuhhh... Y/n-ah, you should know that i still love you. I'm not love Eunha. I want to be her boyfriend because that's will be make me moving on of you. But it's not work clearly. I... Still... Love... You...

Your POV

the bell is rang and we were finished eating. This time, Jungkook is not glaring or have a annoyed face on his face, but... He has a sad face on his face... That is Jungkook... You will know the hurt you gave me. That's so hurting me inside. And you feel it now.
Taehyung : "baby, let's go or we will be late for next lesson, btw what is your next lesson babe?"
You : "uhmm.. dance?"
Taehyung : "uwahh same to me..."
Jungkook think :
What? Taehyung next lesson is dance too?! It will be hard to me for tell y/n that i still love her.
End of Jungkook think...

To Be Continued...

Is it too short? Ok i'm sorry then...
I will make this ff so fast as i can okay... Don't be mad if it's still long time to waiting to uploude... You know what am i doing beside making this ff. Yeahh.. i should study active...

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